India recently became home to one of the unique architectural wonders in the world: an upside down building! Caracella Club, built  a private construction firm in Delhi is not just another building that you would walk by. Inspired by the WonderWorks Amusement Parks of America, this building will definitely turn heads. More than just an interesting building, it  also functions as a club house for residents of a luxurious condominium project in the Indirapuram area of the National Capital Region.

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Indirapuram is a newly developed township with some of the best residential projects and many more under way. It has not received much recognition when compared with Noida, inspite of its proximity to the Indian capital. However, with this awe-inspiring structure, the tables are expected to turn.

Named after the first club built by ancient Romans, the club creates the impression of being stuck on the ground effortlessly in the midst of fashionably tall buildings in the far background. Inverted pillars and deliberately designed with cracks to complete the ‘just fallen from heaven’ look. The name “The Caracella Club” inscribed on the lower part of the building transiently connects you with history and the wonderful feeling of looking at one of the most unique structures of the world.

The club is not only stronger than many other clubhouses, but is also equipped with the latest recreational facilities, such as relaxing spas and saunas, a fully modernized gym and a Jacuzzi. It also has an elite bar as well as massage and yoga centres.