Get lost in this chocolate trap; rich in chocolatey flavour and nuts, topped with ice cream. Drool away!

Chocolate Trap

Ingredients Grams
Chocolate 20
Vanilla ice cream 20
Strawberry 20
Almond 5
Cashewnut 3
Chocolate mousse 25


    1. Melt the chocolate & give a shape of trap by putting as a wrap on a juice glass. After the choclate is set, let it cool and then take it out & keep in freezer to harden.
    2. Separately prepare chocolate mousse. Recipe for the chocolate mousse is given below:
Ingredients Grams/ml
Chocolate 100 gms
Sugar 25 gms
Gelatin 3 gms
Egg yolk 2
Whipped cream 20 gms
Milk 100 ml
  1. Place the mousse in the trap & then cover the mousse with a layer of vanilla & strawberry ice cream.
  2. Garnish with flakes of almond & cashew.

The Chocolaty trap is ready to serve.