A mélange of shashlik & cottage cheese steak with a scrumptious recipe for any meal blended well with barbeque sauce


Ingredients Grams/ml
Cottage Cheese 160 gms
Black pepper crushed 2 gms
Ref oil 10 ml
WC sauce 5 ml
BBQ sauce 15 ml
8 – 8 sauce 5 ml
Salt To taste
Baby Carrot 10 gms
Broccoli 8 gms
Green Zucchini 10 gms
Yellow Zucchini 10 gms
Brinjal 5 gms
Tomato 5 gms


  1. Cut the cottage cheese in roundel steak shape
  2. Prepare marination with oil, pepper powder, salt, WC sauce & a little bit of 8 – 8 sauce & keep aside for 45 mins
  3. Take 02 shaslik sticks & skewered cubes of yellow zucchini, green zucchini, auber gine, onion flakes & tomato deseeded
  4. Heat the grilled plate & grill the cottage cheese, also the skewered vegetable
  5. Separately parboil cauliflower, tossed in butter along with green & yellow zucchini and also roast a baby carrot
  6. Keep a celery stick ready for garnish
  7. Heat frying pan and add the BBQ sauce & 8 – 8 sauce. Add a bit of WC sauce and balance the taste with salt & pepper powder.
  8. Top the cottage cheese with cooked sauce & dished with vegetable skewers & sautéd vegetables