A romantic fusion of cottage cheese, herb and scallion rice, served with curry sauce


Many of us have a soft spot for rice. The good news is, there is no end to the amount of experimentation that can be done with this versatile grain.

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak

Ingredients Quantity
Four pieces Cottage Cheese steak 200g
Small sized onion chopped 1 nos
Spring Onions 3 nos
Capsicum chopped 1/2 nos
Tomatoes Chopped 2 nos
Sprigs thyme chopped 3 nos
Soy sauce 2 tbsp
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp
Garlic chopped 2 cloves
Carrot chopped 1 nos
Salt  and pepper To taste
Curry powder 1 tsp
Fresh cream 1 tsp
Olives for garnish 1 nos

Herb Scallion Rice

Ingredients Quantity
Thyme, chopped 1tbsp
Butter 25g / 1 oz
Red chili, deseeded and chopped 1/2 nos
Spring onions chopped 2 nos
Boiled basmati or long grain rice 20 gms

Curried cheese Sauce

Ingredients Quantity
Coconut Cream 2 tsp
Curry Powder 1 pinch
Salt To taste


  1. Cut the cottage steak into triangles
  2. Marinate with curry powder and fresh cream
  3. Mix all the chopped vegetables and season with salt & pepper
  4. Stuff the preparation in cottage cheese and grill both the sides in a non-stick pan
  5. Melt butter in fry pan, add herbs & scallion, toss and mix the boiled rice along with it
  6. Season with salt and pepper
  7. Mix the coconut cream and curry powder for the curried cheese sauce and serve with the steak

The finished rice now has a beautiful colour and tastes delicious. The spice and herbs can be varied as per your imagination and taste.

Nutritive Value

Nutrient Value
Calories (%DV based on daily intake of 2,000 kcal) 103 kcal
Calories from Fat 18 kcal
Kilojoules 431 kj
Pts (by CL, not official Weight Watchers POINTS©; italics if no fiber) 2.5
Total Fat (DRI 65 g) 2 g
Saturated Fat (DRI 20 g) 1 g
Cholesterol (DRI 300 mg) 9 mg
Sodium (DRI 2,400 mg) 395 mg
Total Carbohydrate (DRI 300 g) 9 g
Dietary Fiber (DRI 25 g) 0 g
Net Carbs (italics if sugar alcohol content unknown) 9 g
Protein (DRI 50 g) 12 g
Vitamin A (DRI 5000 IU) 200 IU
Vitamin C (DRI 60 mg) 0 mg
Calcium (DRI 1000 mg) 60 mg
Iron (DRI 18 mg) 0 mg