While international trips is always great fun, it can be a bit of a downer to see that your money is worth so much less than the host country’s local currency.

Worry not!

If you are looking to travel to a country that has lower currency value than Indian Rupees, then you can consider travelling to these countries.


Nepal is a wonderful place to travel to for Indians. There are great, historic things to see in Nepal, like the ancient buildings of Darbar Square and Pashupatinath temple in Old Kathmandu. Be it the lake views or adventure activities & mountain treks in Pokhara, Nepal is just beautiful. Also, Nepali people understand Hindi, and hence, communication is very easy for Indians. As of November 2016, 1 Nepalese Rupee equals 0.62 Indian Rupee.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another magical destination, and the fact that one Indian rupee is worth more than double the Sri Lankan rupee makes it all the more amazing. There is so much to see and do in Sri Lanka – ancient monuments, temples, tea estates, jungles, beaches, British era architecture, fantastic beaches, and amazing food.

As of November 2016, 1 Sri Lankan Rupee equals 0.45 Indian Rupee


The Indian Rupee also has a slight advantage to the Bangladeshi Taka. Bangladesh is not a big thing on the Indian tourist map as yet, but it is an unexplored gem. The vast deltas of the Sunderbans, the river cruises, the mountain trails are relatively undiscovered.

As of November 2016, 1 Bangladeshi Taka equals 0.85 Indian Rupee

Casting our net a little wider, we can explore various countries in South East Asia, where the Indian rupee carries a lot of weight. All these countries are amazing places to visit and are extremely tourist friendly.


Indonesia offers the widest range of offerings – from the Hindu island of Bali to the amazing ruins of Borobudur & the jungles of Borneo. You can enjoy amazing snorkelling and Scuba diving amidst the coral seas or just laze in the fantastic spas in Bali.

As of November 2016, 1 Indonesian Rupiah equals 0.0050 Indian Rupee

Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

These countries are neighbours to one another, and they offer an astounding array of experiences – incredible ancient temples such as Angkor Wat and Luang Prabang, river experiences on the Mekong, French colonial architecture, rich jungles, and adventure activities.

As of November 2016,

1 Laotian Kip equals 0.0082 Indian Rupee

1 Vietnamese Dong equals 0.0030 Indian Rupee

1 Cambodian Riel equals 0.017 Indian Rupee

North & Central Asia

 If we go up north into Asia, then Indian currency is stronger than the Mongolian Tugrik, and also enjoys an advantage over two of the central Asian ‘stans – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These are again not very big on the Indian travel radar but are amazing and comparatively unexplored destinations.

As of November 2016,

1 Kazakhstani Tenge equals 0.20 Indian Rupee

1 Uzbekistani Som equals 0.022 Indian Rupee


The Indian Rupee scores above a few European currencies which are not in the Euro yet – such as Hungary and Serbia. These places may not have the brand name of the big European destinations, but are beautiful and share a lot of common history, geography, and culture with the rest of Europe and can be excellent to backpack and explore.

As of November 11, 2016,

1 Hungarian Forint equals 0.24 Indian Rupee

1 Serbian Dinar equals 0.59 Indian Rupee


The African continent also has some places where the Indian currency scores over their local ones – Algeria, Djibouti, Yemen, and Tanzania. Out of these – Tanzania has fantastic wildlife and scenery, while Algeria offers a different Mediterranean experience. Djibouti and Yemen, while technically on different land masses (Africa and Middle East Asia), are very close – separated only by the narrow Gulf of Aden.

As of November 2016,

1 Algerian Dinar equals 0.61 Indian Rupee

1 Djiboutian Franc equals 0.38 Indian Rupee

1 Yemeni Rial equals 0.27 Indian Rupee

1 Tanzanian Shilling equals 0.031 Indian Rupee

Across the Atlantic Ocean

The South American countries of Paraguay, Chile, and Costa Rica also offer a favourable rate of exchange to the rupee – though getting there might be an expensive proposition. Nevertheless, these places offer a unique and amazing experience of dense jungles, mighty rivers, high mountains, arid deserts, and some of most amazing natural beauty that you can find.

As of November 2016,

1 Costa Rican Colón equals 0.12 Indian Rupee

1 Chilean Peso equals 0.10 Indian Rupee

1 Paraguayan Guarani equals 0.012 Indian Rupee

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