Vacation Ownership – or timeshare as it is commonly known – is a gateway to affordable, luxury holidays that you can take for a lifetime, without having to worry about inflation and the rising costs of vacations.

What you may not know is that the concept of vacation ownership means different things to different companies, and that’s why Sterling Holidays has created the most practical and sensible approach to making your vacations easy, through an incredible points-based system. You may have a lot of questions about vacation ownership, with Sterling Holiday, so here is everything that you might need to know

What’s the difference between a timeshare and vacation ownership?


Originally timeshares meant owning a fixed week at the same time every year, in the same destination and in the same resort, without any flexibility to travel as per your requirements

At Sterling Holidays, the membership has evolved into something that gives you maximum flexibility with minimum restrictions. With flexibility comes freedom. Pick when and where you want to travel, according to the points credited into your account every year.

What am I really buying?

Kodai - Lake

Points. Depending on which tier of membership you choose to buy, you will be allotted a fixed number of points that will be credited into your account every year. Use these points as you choose. Different accommodation types and different travel seasons have varying points requirements. Choose a combination that suits your schedule and the number of people travelling and redeem your vacation in exchange of the corresponding points! It’s that simple! You won’t be restricted to a particular room type or a particular time of the year to travel. The points-based system of Sterling Holidays is really the most flexible Vacation Ownership model ever.

How are Sterling Holidays’ resorts different from hotels?

Sterling Manali

Hotels mostly have limited space when compared to the accommodations at Sterling Holidays’ resorts. Additionally, you have the flexibility of choosing between a studio, 1-bedroom apartment and a 2-bedroom apartment depending on how many of you are travelling. This way the family can stay together and enjoy the vacation without having to book separate rooms for everyone. This works very well for couples travelling with young infants and pre-teens, where a typical hotel room becomes very cramped when putting an extra bed.

The resort is also equipped with amenities that make your holiday better. Hotels and the resorts both have swimming pools, spas and restaurants, but at Sterling Holidays there is Discovery Central, an activity center that allows your family to do things together, or just keep the kids occupied while you relax somewhere else.

Do I have to travel to the same resort every time?

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Not at all! Pick a different destination every time and check off different things like skiing in Manali or scuba diving in Goa off your bucket list. You’ll be able to choose from 30+ resorts across the country; each destination vastly different from the other.

Want to travel internationally? With the add-on free RCI membership, exchange your points for a week abroad, and choose from 4000+ affiliated resorts around the world to stay in. Enjoy international vacations at Indian prices.

What happens if I don’t travel one year?

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The beauty of Sterling’s points-based system is that your points carry over to the next year if you don’t use them. You also have the option of borrowing points from the next year to holiday more this year! Don’t want to vacation? Gift your points to a friend or a loved one and let them go on vacation instead! The Sterling Holidays’ membership is truly flexible.

Is a Sterling Holidays membership affordable?

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If you’re someone who likes to travel regularly, chances are you’ll end up spending lakhs of rupees over the next few years going on vacation. With an investment like a Sterling Holidays membership, you’re only bound to save, because 25 years from now, your vacations will still be at today’s prices. Not only will you be able to beat inflation, but you can also choose from different tiers of membership based on your budget and travel style. Sterling Holidays’ representatives can guide you on what package will suit your travel needs, and even help you set up an EMI scheme if necessary! Just send an enquiry now by clicking here, and Sterling Holidays will get in touch and help you get started on your vacation ownership journey!