In the modern way of life what is getting eroded is the old fashioned family system. Today with the explosion of technology and opportunities pushing geographical barriers, families are disintegrating. The advent of the nuclear families of course put an end to the social advantages of the joint family system, however the smaller families bonded together more closely. But with the passage of time and as kids fly the coup what remains is the memories of time spent together.

One way to achieve a closer bonding of families and to steal time to create memories against the backdrop of the canvas of modern life is holidaying together.  The old adage that families that eat together stay together has been transformed to families that holiday together stay together. A holiday is the best gift that parents can give to kids or vice-versa. Holidays offer a wonderful opportunity for families to get closer and discover unknown facets of each other. Holidays really create memories that stay with you for a lifetime.

Why are family holidays so important to ensure the strengthening of family ties?

An Opportunity to Relax and Rejuvenate

In today’s fast paced lives that we all lead, there is hardly a moment of relaxation. Life has become a series of monotonous and sequential processes that start from the moment one gets up till one hits the sack. In such a scenario it is imperative that one pulls away from the routine and makes time for a holiday at the least once every year if not more. A holiday away from the normal routine is a great way to completely relax and rejuvenate. A holiday is like a complete recharge of the body, mind, and soul.

Discovering New Experiences Together

Discovering New Experiences Together

We all remember with love and affection those moments of the past when we made our first discoveries together with our parents or kids. It could be as simple as the thrill of a paper boat floating in a puddle or the spotting of a rare bird. These new experiences assume a glitter of their own when done together with the family and leave an indelible impact on the mind.

Discover Hidden Facets of Each Other

discovering hidden facets of each other

We may all be living under the same roof but how much do we know about each other? Many a times the relaxed environment of a place that is far removed from your normal environment acts as a catalyst. Unknown facets come to the fore. Suddenly teenagers see a mother’s love in her constant nagging, the humorous side of a stern father lights up the scared face of a cowering kid. When the holiday is over everyone looks at each other with a new found knowledge and appreciation.

Education for The Children

education for the children

Education is not found in the bound volumes of a book. For a real education one needs to get out into the wide open world. Travel and holidays are of course fun for the entire family but also an immersive educational experience for children. A history lesson learnt by visiting the Taj Mahal is a far more engaging experience than reading about it in a book in the claustrophobic environs of a classroom. Needless to say every holiday is an opportunity for education.

Social Media Detox

social media detox

In today’s modern scenario most families are glued to social media. Even when they are together at home they are wired to the virtual world. They are sitting together but instead of talking to each other or looking at each other, they are busy texting or talking over the phone or glued to social media. A holiday is a great way to break away from the virtual reality of social media and emerge into a fresh and beautiful new world, the real world.

Sterling Bringing Families Together

Sterling Bringing Families Together

The best investment that one can ever make is in ensuring the continued happiness of the family. A great way to do this is ensuring a steady stream of annual holidays in the best of environs. Sterling curates such moments of togetherness through its vacation ownership. Discover the joy of holidaying together with Sterling.