Cocoon’s Grid-it is an efficient organiser that can keep your gadgets, tools, wires and extensions neat and tidy. It features an elaborate elastic bands framework made from high quality rubberized material that stretches effortlessly to fit your items. Once inserted, the elastic bands secure your precious tools with a tight & powerful grip.  That means no worry about losing or dropping them.

What makes it perfect for holidays? Well, simply because it can hold a lot more than just one headphones and charger. The bands in different sizes and high elasticity enable you to keep number of things like cords, wires, chargers, pens, mirror, camera, brush, paint, battery, iPod, lenses, so on and so forth.

cocoon grid it organizer - travel gadget

Gadget Details

Gadget Name GRID-IT
Details A compact organization mesh made of durable & high-quality rubber elastic. Keep your cords, cables and other items shipshape, safe and secured while saving ample of space.
Dimensions 0.4 x 8 x 12 inches
Weight 318 grams
Company Cocoon
Website Cocoon Grid-It

The whole family can keep their things tucked in Grid-it, without increasing the size of the luggage.  You won’t have to empty your bag contents right in front of everyone to get hold of that sneaky data cable that hides in some corner, especially when you are in a hurry. Grid-it is a time, space and energy saving tool that will keep your trip hassle free!

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