What are Holiday Beats?

A Holiday Beat is any song that you begin humming at the very thought of going on a holiday. Think about all those songs you start singing on a journey or while traipsing around a holiday destination, and you will realize that these songs form your favourite Holiday Beats. Holiday Beats are often very personal as these are songs that capture the magic of holidays past or evoke the desire to go on a future holiday. Then there are Holiday Beats which are simply fun to sing when horsing around with family & friends.

Ever stood on top of a hill, mesmerised by the view? Most of us have and will remember either breaking into the famous “Yeh Haseen Vadiyan” number from Roja or “Gata Rahe Mera Dil” from Guide or their equivalent in Tamil, Bengali and all other languages. After all, music & Nature have a universal appeal! What about those times with friends when everyone broke into peals of laughter at a friend’s mimicking of a famous song sequence?

Indeed, when the eternal beauty of a much loved song blends with a holiday, the result is magical memories that will always bring a smile to the face and a song to the lips! That’s why holiday fun begins with a ‘Holiday Beat.’

So come on and tell us about your favourite Holiday Beats. Enjoy!