Our world has changed drastically over the years, and so have we. Holistic living has become a thing of the past. In this fast paced world, it’s important we take the time out to seek harmony and balance ourselves again. It’s time we opened our eyes to our inner self. Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Treatments are all about reconnecting your body, mind and soul.

Keep aside a couple of hours, choose the treatment best suited for you and then escape to bliss. When you come back to reality, the five elements, the timeless therapies and a pair of expert hands would have done wonders for your body, mind and soul.

Details of few Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Treatments


Warm medicated oil is applied all over the head and body, rubbed with hands to ensure equal spreading.

Marma Massage

This is a body oil application treatment utilizing traditional medicated oils to restore dosha (humour) balance through marma vital energy points.


Massaging in upward direction with herbal powder with increased pressure.


A purification session for all five of your sense organs. The nostrils, eyes, ears, mouth and tongue are cleansed with special medicated oil followed by a full classical Ayurvedic massage for the rejuvenation of your skin.


Medicated fluids – oil, milk or buttermilk are poured on the forehead in a special way. The most common method is used with medicated oils. Helpful in premature graying of hair, insomnia and hearing problems.