In this day and age, when technology rules all, we often find it hard to connect with each other. This is true of almost everyone, bust especially of modern families. Consumed by electronics and hectic lifestyles, we hardly look up anymore to even spend a real moment with our loved ones. Kids are often neglected by parents, and living in their own technological bubble too.

The good news, however, is that more and more people are becoming aware of this as a problem. Not having this ability to connect and bond is tearing many families apart, and people are now recognizing that. How do you keep your family together? Especially when there is such a massive divide caused by our lifestyle and technology

Invest in time with each other

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This sounds ridiculously simple, but it is the truth. We have to make the conscious effort to reach out to each other and bond with each other. We can start by making a promise to eat one meal together a day. See what works for all your schedules, and sit down to eat together. Put away your phones and tablets and talk about your day. Talk about your plans and your desires. This will allow you to understand each other better and create a strong routine that facilitates bonding.

Take a vacation together regularly

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There’s no greater hack to keeping your family together than taking a regular family vacation. Vacations are the single best way for any family to spend time away from home, learning new things, experiencing fantastic sights and sounds together. This will build the bond of your family and make it immensely strong. The more vacations your family takes together, the more likely you are to be stronger as a family

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