Let’s get a little crafty, shall we? With some guidance from
Goa – Villagio’s Holiday Activities team, you can make a beautiful table vase from nothing but leftover newspapers!


You will need:

Newspapers, PVA glue, Acrylic colours

To make your own table vase:

Step 1:

Divide a single sheet of newspaper into three horizontal sections and cut it out. Repeat with
several more sheets, until you have sufficient strips
of newspaper.

Step 2:

Take a single cut sheet and start rolling from the corner tightly until you have a thin cigarette-like roll of paper. Apply some glue to secure the shape of the roll. Repeat with all the cut sheets of newspaper.

Step 3:

Cut a piece of newspaper into a square base. This base can be of any size but it needs to be a square. This will be the base for your vase. Start by gluing down the rolls of paper at an angle, to the four corners of the base.

Step 4:

Layer rolls of paper on the base from corner to corner, while simultaneously weaving in the rolls that have been glued in at an angle.

Step 5:

Repeat weaving and layering till a desired height is reached. The basic vase is now ready.

Step 6:

Paint the vase in the colours of your choice and leave it to dry overnight!