What would life be without a hint of danger, a dash of adventure, a thrill of attempting a new thing, and a quest for novel experience? Boring, isn’t it? For many such individuals who yearn for a rush of adrenalin, trekking is the perfect solution. The fun of trekking lies in being close to nature, exploring the trails and of course in sharing trekking experiences with friends. The challenge of trekking is in pushing yourself towards the destination, dealing with the odds you face while you hike.

For nature-lovers, bird-watchers and botanists, Kookal is a gift from heaven. Kookal is a beautiful village situated in Dindigul district of Tamilnadu. The village is famous for its bio-diversity and is picturesque with terrace farms and green vegetation.

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Kookal village offers a wide choice of trails for trekkers. Some alluring trails found in Kookal are given here:

Trek to Saddle back Mountain

Another trek from Kookal to a place called the saddle back mountain takes an hour through rough terrain, all the way down to a beautiful waterfall. A beautiful man made path, similar to a sleeping python, winds-down to the valley. On the opposite side there is a giant peak named Kilavan Sariki Viluntha Malai (old man slipped and fallen rock). Trekkers will be able to see two peaks called “Cinna mutiyan” and “Periya mutiyan” to the left side. These two peaks look like Lord Siva’s hair style.

saddleback mountain kookal
Saddleback Mountain Kookal
Kilavan Sariki Viluntha Malai
Kilavan Sariki Viluntha Malai
Cinna mutiyan and Periya mutiyan
Cinna Mutiyan and Periya Mutiyan

Another beautiful dam, “Sothupari”, could be seen to the farthest left. ‘Palani’ town, where Lord Murugan (kartikeyan) temple is situated, is the most beneficiary of this dam.

Trek to Kookal Caves

A trek to ancient rock shelters of different types of metamorphic rocks, Kookal caves will be rewarding. To reach Kookal Caves, trekkers can travel by bus till Poombarai and then take a walk. After going through pine and wattle forest, the Kookal guest house can be reached. Kookal caves are at a distance of about 8 kms from the guest house. These rock shelters are at an altitude of around 1500 m. They are believed to be home to the descendents of ancient Paliyan tribes.

Kookal Caves-kodaikanal

Trek to Kudiraiyaru Dam

For those who like challenges, a trek to Kudiraiyaru dam is a good choice. Though the distance is only around 13 kilometers it is a demanding trek. From Kookal, the trail is along a foot-path leading to Pappampatti. After a distance of three kilometers, Kudiraiyaru River comes in to view. The trail goes along the river. It is an exhilarating trek, since people can see wildlife like elephants, deer, etc on their way. The entire walk is though Sholas (stunted patches of tropical and sub-tropical forests) and deciduous forest.

Tourists are required to get permission from the Forest Department to visit Kookal or trek in the forest areas. It is advisable to take a local guide along the treks.

For the tourists visiting Kodaikanal, a trek to Kookal will be rejuvenating and exhilarating and will be a welcome relief from the buzz of city life.