A luscious, fleshy and succulent fruit with a divine taste, loved alike in both raw and ripe forms, inspired legendary Persian poet Amir Khusro who praised it saying “It is the choicest fruit of Hindustan and a pride to every garden”. The fruit has been around for a period of 5000+ years.

Neelam, Banginapalli, Alphonso, Malda, Sindhoori, Chandrakaran, Rumani, Malgova and much more – all these represent ‘its’ varieties. ‘It’ is a legendary fruit popularly called as the ‘King of Fruits’. Wonder what ‘it’ is?

Yes! That special fruit which is the pride of India is Mango, a fruit synonymous with sizzling summer. Though summer has many down sides the season offers some extraordinary blessings, first being Mango.

What makes mango special?

Taste: Honoured with the label of most favourite fruit by many people in Asia, it is impossible to describe the taste of this gift of nature to mankind.

Mango Festival

Mango mania is a festival of this wonderful fruit which is currently held in Sterling Holidays’ Kodai – Valley View resort.

Mango beverages, dishes prepared using mango as the main ingredient  are being offered to make guests have a fulfilling experience with this amazing fruit.

Starting from mocktails like mango punch, mango tango, jalsa and mango fizz, Sterling provides exotic and tasty mocktails.

Wish to try a pastry made of mango, head directly to Pastry Shop at the main entrance where you can have dream pastries and look at different varieties of mangoes.

Mango Mania - Festival at Kodai Valley View Resort - Mango Pastries

Mango Mania - Festival at Kodai Valley View Resort - Varities of Mango

A special menu has been designed which is sure to surprise you with the variety of dishes that could be prepared using mangoes.

If you are happy with your meal, then more fun awaits! We have fun games lined up which are part of the Holiday Activities.

The festival is on from April 26 to May 9, at our resort Kodai – Valley View. So if you are there already, or if you are planning to visit, make sure to enjoy the this one-of-a-kind festival.