Welcome to the unexplored side of Goa. Let’s be honest, what pops up in your head when we mention Goa? Booze, rave parties, beaches, suntans and surfs right? Not many are aware that there’s more to Goa than sun-kissed beaches and cheap alcohol.

We at Sterling Holidays urge you to rediscover Goa our way and be amazed at how memorable your next trip to Goa could be. Here are a few things to do in Goa that aren’t so common!

Swap Out Fish Curry For Vindaloo


Hot, Simmering Vindaloo

If you are in the habit of digging into authentic fish curry the moment you land on the soil of Goa, Vindaloo will win you over with its fiery, fragrant and earthy flavours. One cannot experience Goa without the hot, tangy spiced classic Vindaloo. This traditional Goan recipe keeps getting better and improvised with time, keeping in mind the delicate taste and authenticity of the dish.

Whether you are having it on your own or with a friend or even on a date. This dish would certainly make it memorable and a tasty one.

Ditch The Feni In Goa And Try Kings

Feni Beer


Feni has been popular in Goa for years now. This versatile and lively drink is a refreshing spirit used to craft scintillating cocktails. Taking a slight break from the Feni, we propose to you Kings! Kings is exclusively available in Goa, just like Feni

Known to possess a light taste and soothing after-mouth feel, it is a beer so royal that you’ll feel the pride in drinking it. It comes in a tiny, cute bottle that clearly looks very distinctive from the others.

Trade The Morning Laziness For A Scrumptious Breakfast

Goa Breakfast

Even though you may want to cuddle in the comforters, you wouldn’t want to miss having breakfast on the beach while witnessing the sunrise and morning sea breeze.

From sausages to eggs and south Indian breakfast, it is all there to start your day an authentic Goan way. Taste the best bacon, eggs, sausages and toasts accompanied with delicious smoothies. Enjoy your king-size breakfast while listening to soothing music to make your mornings perfect.

Play With Exotic Dolphins

Dolphins at the Monkey Beach

We all have seen our favourite celebrity influencers post short videos in exotic locations where they are playing with jumpy dolphins. We all have dropped in thousands of likes on this rare sight. (and oh, also felt a tinge of jealousy). If you ever thought you would have to plan an International trip to experience that, you couldn’t be any more wrong.

You can get on the cruise at Sinquerim – go around a rare experience of a dolphin sighting.

Go Kayaking In Goa


Water activities are one of the most happening activities to do here. But amidst paragliding and jet skiing, kayaking often gets unnoticed. In the tryst to unearth the unexplored side of Goa, we present to you the charms of rowing across stunning creeks in the villages.

Row along the shore or into the sea and enjoy nature at its tranquil best and carve some beautiful memories. A cult travel destination, it is relaxing and crazy both at the same time. No matter how many listicles you make you cannot avoid having Goa in each one of them.

So come along and book your stay at  Sterling Goa – Varca and experience Goa the way Sterling sees it.