A romantic getaway is often every couple’s fantasy. However, deciding on a place that meets both your requirements and provides for an ideal romantic setting is not as easy as one would imagine. While the mountains can get too cold, the beaches are too hot. As a result, riverside holiday destinations are sometimes considered the Goldilocks-like solution for couples looking for a place that is “just right.” One such riverside holiday destination that provides the perfect climate and ideal romantic setting for a couple getaway is Dindi.

Dindi is a quaint little village in Andhra Pradesh situated at the point where the River Godavari meets the majestic Bay of Bengal. It is known for its beautiful coconut plantations and numerous resorts and homestays located alongside the river. Here are some more reasons why you should consider Dindi for your next romantic getaway:

The beautiful backwaters and boats


Bored of being told to go to Kerala to see the serene backwaters and live on a houseboat? Dindi is the ideal alternative. This little village with its calm, beautiful backwaters is now giving Kerala tourism a run for its money. The houseboats that dot the backwaters are fully furnished and equipped to provide you with a luxurious break from mundane life alongside your loved one. Bask on the deck of the houseboat in the afternoon sun or watch the orange sunset before the stars lighten the night skies whilst being surrounded by the sound of water around you. This place is no less than the backwaters of Bali in Indonesia or Alleppy in Kerala and is a must visit for couples looking for a new and exciting holiday destination.

Camps under the night sky

Camps under the night sky

Its 80-kilometre distance from Rajahmundry places Dindi at a location away from the lights of cities. This makes the stars in the night sky brighter and more visible, and the constellations more evident to the naked eye. Dindi, as a result, is every camper’s paradise as it makes for the ideal location to set your tents and camp outdoors with your friends and loved ones to enjoy the starry night sky. If your partner and you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a place where you can enjoy it without having your teeth chatter in cold, Dindi is the place to be at.

Lush mangrove forests and wildlife

Mangrove forests

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled between the Gouthami and Godavari river deltas and is the second largest mangrove stretch in India. The Sanctuary houses several species of endangered birds and over 100 species of birds in general, along with small mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The early morning bird watching tour is a favourite among couples as the chilly winds and beautiful sunrise make for lovely sightings of rare bird species and the perfect ambience for a romantic escapade. Bring out the wildling in you and experience first-hand the life in an exotic forest.

Islands on the Bay of Bengal


Kakinada, situated right next to Dindi, is a popular city often referred to as the Pensioner’s Paradise. Right off the coasts of Kakinada lies Hope island, a relatively young island formed from the sedimentation of a distributary of Godavari. The island is accessible from Dindi as well. The sandy beaches of Hope Island and the safety provided by the adjacently lying Coringa Sanctuary make for an ideal location for the growth of rare species of flora and is also home to the endangered Olive turtle species. The island is also a great place for fisheries and couples who wish to try their hand at fishing in boats close to the shore love to visit this island.

Beaches and Resorts

Beaches and resorts

The beaches and resorts in Dindi are perhaps its most attractive feature for the metropolitan human. The Antervedi beach, which is the meeting point of the Godavari and the Bay of Bengal, is a popular attraction. It provides great views of the joining of the two water bodies and the fertile sediments arising from this conjoining give it a unique ecology as well. The Narsapur beach is another popular waterfront that has numerous resorts situated along the coasts. Visit our resort Sterling Dindi to experience the heat of the beaches as well as the calming presence of nature at night while listening to the waves of the Godavari at night.

Dindi has a lot of things that you did not know about and its ambient setting and perfect location make it ideal for a romantic getaway. So be spontaneous this winter and surprise your partner with an impromptu vacation to rekindle sparks that are perhaps often lost in the routines of daily life.