Snow Madness

Jagdish Chauhan

trip to manali -snow fighting with family

I had been to Manali so many times with my friends. But I can never forget my trip to Manali with my wife and son. It was a very special vacation for me.

My little one had a wish to play in snow. He was eagerly looking forward to it. But as the way to Rohtang was blocked, we were disappointed. But the tour operator sensing his disappointment told us that he can take us till the car is allowed, the next day.

You won’t believe, my son was so eager to go that he got up by 6 am the next morning. He got ready in no time and we started by car. When we reached the place he couldn’t wait any longer and just ran outside. He was full of glee and ran around in the snow. Within minutes he started a snow fight with me and my wife.

We spent nearly an hour playing. Finally we came and sat in the car. He came to me and hugged me, saying ‘THANK YOU DAD’. That was the most touching moment for me. My eyes became moist. I was overjoyed. Truly, OMG! What a moment.

I can never forget that day in my life. We are eagerly waiting for our next vacation.

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