Mussoorie, the queen of hill stations. A jewel in the crown of Uttarakhand. A place where the likes of Ruskin Bond have made their home owing to the natural beauty and salubrious climate. Indeed, the beauty and rich history of Mussoorie is bewitching and draws travellers in hordes to its beautiful environs.

But did you know that there is an eerie and spooky experience that awaits visitors to Mussoorie? That is if the thrill of visiting a haunted place appeals to your senses. A different kind of experience and a different kind of Mussoorie looms eerily in the dark shadows of the mountains on the outskirts of Mussoorie.

Lambi Dehar Mines of Mussoorie

As you walk amongst the dilapidated ruins of an abandoned mine, the slightest of sounds, be it the sound of your own footsteps or the trees rustling in the wind is sure to make you jump! Add to that tales of numerous accidents that occur frequently and inexplicably in the region including a helicopter crash, an icy chill is sure to creep up your spine. And on top of that, if you were to spot the apparition of an ugly and frightening witch who is said to roam the area, the stoutest of hearts is going to beat faster and faster.

That then is the spine-chilling Lambi Dehar Mines of Mussoorie for you!


Background of the Lambi Dehar Mines

The history of the Lambi Dehar Mines lies buried beneath myths, folklore and maybe a wee bit of facts. What is known though is that the mines were limestone mines which were closed due to an order of the Supreme Court in the 1990’s. Local folklore says that the mines existed from the time of the British and more than 50,000 workers formed part of the mining community which worked in the mines. It is said that the mines had no safety management at all and numerous mine workers died periodically, also most if not all of the workers gradually died due to disease because of long exposure to the lime and other noxious chemicals in the mines.

After the closure of the mines in the 1990’s the mines fell derelict and gradually the office building and the entire mining campus was covered by vegetation and nature wreaked its ravages rendering the mines into ruins.

The forsaken mines, the remote location and the associated tragedies seem to have engineered a scary concoction of stories, real or imaginary, which has given the mines the reputation of being haunted. Locals, of course, advise you against venturing near the mines, saying that a witch roams the area which is haunted.

But the thrill of the unknown, the fear in the air and heartbeats racing faster and faster are the stuff of adventure, so you have people venturing to the ruins of the mines for a different sort of excitement and experience.

Apart from the scary reputation, the ruins itself lie amidst natural beauty with spectacular views of the valley below and an unbelievable calm and serenity.

So if you are planning a getaway to Mussoorie to revel in its natural beauty and breathe in the fresh mountain air. If you are planning to spend some time in the natural environs of the hill station and recharge and rejuvenate yourself, do so. But do make some time for a scary but exciting experience at the Lambi Dehar Mines. This is one experience that you will definitely not forget for a long, long time.

How to Get to Lambi Dehar Mines

lambi dehar - how to get there

The Lambi Dehar Mines are situated in Mussoorie which lies about 34 kilometres from Dehradun which is the capital of Uttarakhand. In Mussoorie, Sterling Mussoorie is situated about 8 kilometres from the Lambi Dehar Mines. Sterling believes in curating experiences out of the ordinary for the discerning travellers. Keeping up with its brand promise of providing holidays that different, Sterling offers its guests a trip to the Lambi Dehar Mines. Make sure you do not miss the experience with a spectacular weekend getaway at Mussoorie!