Christmas Eve of 2012, was an unforgettable day for the Sterling Holidays team at Kodai – Valley View and for the twenty kids belonging to Perungadu, a tribal settlement located about 22 km from Kodaikanal.

As a part of our CSR program, Sterling Holidays team from Kodai- Valley View invited twenty children from a tribal hamlet ‘Perungadu’ to visit and spend a day with us.

Children from Perungadu-Tribal village in kodaikanal

Children from Perungadu

Perungadu is at an altitude of around 4000 ft above sea level. There are thirty six families in the hamlet with a total population of one hundred and fifty eight people among which seventy three are children.

Though, Panchayat Union had built twenty nine houses and helped the tribal people to settle. However, these tribal people do not have many facilities. There is a small shed which serves as a primary school for children, run by two volunteers, but importance of education has yet to sink in. Almost all tribal kids are not exposed to the outside world.

We wanted to give the kids an unforgettable and a memorable holiday experience. So, a day before Christmas celebrations, we invited twenty tribal children to visit our resort for a fun trip.

All the kids enjoyed a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner. Several entertainment activities were planned and conducted especially for them. The children also watched movies and played games. Dance floor was arranged and they were invited to perform. It was a visual treat to watch their performance.

Breakfast for Children-Sterling Holidays-Kodai Valley View

Breakfast for Children

Children enjoying dancing-Kodai Valley View

Children Enjoying Dancing

Children watching movies-Kodai Valley View

Children Watching Movies

Children Playing Games-Kodai Valley View

Children Playing Games

Throughout the program, all of them were with big smiles and with boundless energy. They enjoyed the activities and were ecstatic. At the end of the day, we surprised the kids with beautiful Christmas gifts. After spending a whole day, the children left to their homes with lot of happiness.

Children receiving christmas gift-Sterling Holidays

Children receiving their Christmas Gift

Farewell for Children

A farewell for now

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

At the end of this event, we felt immense satisfaction and this CSR event motivated us a lot. We look forward to conducting similar events in future.