In India, the concept of camping has not been very popular. But today, thanks to the availability of high-quality camping equipment and the immense natural beauty of India, many people are camping when they go on holiday. Many bikers who hit the road also stay in camps when they go to locations such as Ladakh.

The woods in the Himalayan region or the wilderness of the Western Ghats are some of the most beautiful places where you can go camping. The ideal time to go on a camping trip is during the summer when the weather is not very harsh in the mountainous region.

Enjoy this photo feature as we take you through some marvellous sights of these magnificent camping locations.

Camping is the art of getting closer to nature while getting away from comforts

Location: Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarkashi
Picture Courtesy: theuttarkashicity

There’s no place like home, except for the camper

Location: Tso Kar Trek, Ladakh
Picture Courtesy: kefioutdoors

See the beautiful morning sunrise from your camp

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: samp_paul

Take a pledge. Camp out. Enjoy the stars.

Location: Leh
Picture Courtesy: trekpanda

In every camping trip, you will receive far more than you seek

Location: Uttarakhand
Picture Courtesy: mbrkkhan

Take a break and relax inside a camp as you await a new day

Location: Arunachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: yatrai_kida

Find your true self amidst the beautiful nature

Location: The Misty Mountain Hop, Kodaikanal
Picture Courtesy: acoupleoftrippers

Trek your way up a mountain and enjoy the solitude

Location: Kullu Manali
Picture Courtesy: expedition2india

Stay outdoors and breathe in the fresh morning air

Location: Camp Woody, Munnar
Picture Courtesy: thecampper

Get close to the nature by camping in the woods

Location: Wayanad
Picture Courtesy: asdaniadventures

Pitch your tent and see the golden sunset on the horizon

Location: Pawna Lake, Lonavala
Picture Courtesy: komalbattula

Whatever form it takes, camping is earthy, soul-enriching and character building

Location: Bhagvan Mahavir National Park, Goa
Picture Courtesy: curiosogoa

Enjoy the night sky as you take a much needed break in a camp

Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Picture Courtesy: smallstepsadventures