An enchanting village set in the breathtaking environs of the Western Ghats; Anaikatti is surrounded by greenery on all sides and graced by silvery streams and other water bodies. Anaikatti is a unique getaway from the runaway madness of the urban world, a comma in the otherwise uninterrupted rush of life. There is much more to do in Anaikatti other than just admiring the beauty of the place, here is a list of things to do while you are in Anaikatti.

Experience the thrill of a Night Safari

The darkness of night gives a different thrill as you drive through the jungles. Noises of frogs and other forest creatures take on an eerie tone in the dead of night. A drive through the forests in a jeep at night is definitely one of the experiences that will be the highlight of your Anaikatti visit. Close encounters with wild animals like Bisons, Elephants, and Leopards among others is also on the cards.

Trekking in the foothills of the Western Ghats

The best way to really feel and experience the beauty of nature in Anaikatti and its surroundings is to go for a trek. A guided trek through the forest is a great opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of the region and bask in the beauty of the environment, breathing in the fresh and natural air sweeping across the forests.

Visit the Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History

Who doesn’t know about the famous Indian Ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali, Anaikatti has the honor of being home to a center for the research and study of ornithology and natural history which has been named in honor of this renowned ornithologist.

Soothe Your Senses at the Siruvani Waterfalls

Nothing is more soothing than looking at cascading waterfalls and listening to the natural melody of flowing water. A visit to the Siruvani Waterfalls which involves a 1-kilometer trek to reach the water is indeed an exhilarating experience. While there do not forget to taste the sweet waters of the Siruvani river, the sweetness is special and attributed to the vegetation and the rocks through which the water flows. Also, a visit to the waterfalls can be combined with a visit to the Dam, where one can feast on some amazing views.

 Find Your Inner Peace by visiting the Marudhamalai Temple

About 30 kilometers away from Anaikatti is situated a 12th-century temple on a hillock which is dedicated to the Hindu God Murugan. The temple is nestled amongst the beautiful surroundings of the Western Ghats and is enchantingly surrounded by water bodies. A trip to the temple is indeed a divine experience for the soul.

Interact with Tribal Culture

Take a trip to a tribal village and interact with tribes like the Mudugas, Irulas, and Kurumbas and look at life from a fresh perspective. Learn about their culture and traditions and for some time become a part of their way of life.

Anaikatti, an unspoiled paradise of the Western Ghats promises a unique, relaxing and rejuvenating experience that is soothing to the senses. Take a break and enjoy nature by booking your stay with us at the Anaikatti – By The Siruvani for an impeccable vacation experience.