India is the land of mysteries and enigmas – it is the land of variety and ‘the unity in diversity’. Everything about us is so vivid and detailed, yet beautiful and enigmatic that we have the world’s attention on to us. Not just the picturesque view of the landscapes or the gushes of those waves on the beach, but we are also loved for the food we serve, and how we serve it. But today, we are going to talk about just one of those numerous aspects, and to name it, today we’ll be telling you about  10 Indian sweets that will make you want to start your meal with a dessert!

Deserts in the country are quite easily available. Street shops, haul or the malls and 5 stars – they all have it, and you can’t really compare the beauty of these foods from the place where it is sold from. In tier 2 and tier 3 cities, a regular street vendor could give you the best of deserts that a 5 star may find difficult to replicate. Not surprising for the Land of India now, is it?!

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa

Topping our list is the King of Indian Deserts – Gajar Ka halwa!

Most popular in the North of India, and specifically in the winters, this is heaven on earth. I mean you really need to struggle to find one single Indian who does not like Gajar ka halwa. This consists of grated carrots, roasted in ghee till all the moisture dries up. Then condensed milk solids or khoya, sugar, cardamom, dry fruits and sometimes some milk is added. You have it warm, you have it chilled – it’s up to you!

  1. Gajar_Ka_Halwa_Carrot_Halwa1

    Gulab Jamu

You talk about Indian desserts, but you miss out on Gulab jamun? That’s kind of a crime and can probably get you arrested by Indian-food-lover-Police! Khoya and paneer balls, deep fried to get a golden brown colour and soaked in cardamom and saffron flavoured syrup – these dumplings are sure to cause you distress if you see them but don’t eat them.



  1. Jalebi

Round and round, golden, syrupy, sweet, crispy, melt in your mouth … I’m hungry describing a jalebi! The north of India loves it’s jalebi with poori & sabzi, at breakfast, but there’s never a wrong time of eating jalebi. Summers, winters, rains, morning, evening. every time is the right time!! Have it as is, or with an accompaniment like curd, milk or rabri – you can never go wrong with a jalebi.


  1. Sandesh

Sandesh, more fondly pronounced as ‘soundess’  is Bengal’s gift to the world. It is not overly sweet, and simply melts in the mouth the moment you place it there. Made with cottage cheese, cardamoms and sugar and saffron, you’d love to make a Bengali friend just to get the authentic ones from West Bengal.


  1. Phirni

Rice slow cooked on tons of milk is what mostly makes a phirni. Humble right? While the rice cooks, the milk condenses, giving out a rich and creamy dessert that is best had chilled. But if I were to tell you a secret,  I would tell you that I know people who love to have their paranthas with phirni.


  1. Maa Laddu or Maladu

Maa Laddu or Maladu is a popular treat in the southern part of the county. Roasted gram dal is ground with other awesome ingredients to make this quick-to0make and even quicker-to-consume laddoos. Honestly, they take more time being rolled into laddoos than preparing the mix or eating up the entire stock. These not just melt in the mouth, but also considered very nutritious! Now we can’t go wrong with that!


  1. Kulfi

Kulfi!!!! The chilled goodness is a frozen dessert, primarily made of milk and khoya.Feel free to add fruits, dry fruits, spices, or even chocolate or roses – this basic mix of the kulfi will comply and make you seem like a culinary genius. It stays firmly on a stick and often moulds are used to give it its shape. It is usually, typically conical in shape. Often drizzled with rose syrup, you better choose to have it on the stick than cut into pieces!


  1. Modak

Modak and the Ganpati festival are inseparable. I-N-S-E-P-A-R-A-B-L-E!! Made of khoya, Kesar & sugar, the modak is known to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite food. Hence, they are most popular during the Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations. The most typical thing about the modak is its unique shape.


  1. Gujiya

Most popular during the festival of Holi, the gujia is a pastry stuffed with a mix of roasted khoya, desiccated coconut, dry fruits, and even chocolate. The pastry is then deeply fried to a perfect brown crisp gujia, which is then, sometimes, dipped in sugar syrup. We bet, no one can settle with just one.


  1. Gajjak

Most popular during the winters of the country, the Gajjak is known to be a heat generating food item during those chilly winters. Primarily made up of jaggery (or sometimes sugar) and sesame seeds, these crispy treats are a melt in the mouth too. However, we have their fans divided between the cylindrically shaped gajjak lovers and the biscuit-shaped gajjak lovers. Which one are you?


Indian culture may have certain deserts and sweets reserved for the festivals, but If you really want to know the truth, we never wait when it comes to desserts. Most of these are available around the year, around the country, so you will never see complaints. By now, I’m sure you are really hungry and want to hog on to these. So grab your keys and set out to fetch some, at least that’s what I am going to do Till then, see you later desert lovers! Dinner can wait, desert – cannot!

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