Dharamsala, the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh lies a midst mountains and is surrounded by coniferous forests which mainly consist of Deodar trees. Dharamsala is a place richly endowed with immense natural beauty and salubrious weather. The presence of the Dalai Lama and Tibet’s Government in Exile, here adds a peaceful as well as spiritual aura to this place.

Triund, known as the crown jewel of Dharamsala and nestled a midst the Dhauladhar mountains is about 9 Kilometers away in the upper reaches of Mcleodgang. The trek to Triund draws people from all over the world owing to the beautiful landscapes on the way which includes forests of Oak, Rhodendoron and Deodhar. The breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar mountains is another factor that pulls people in droves to Dharmasala.

Dharamsala’s mountainous landscape and the fresh air also work wonders on your appetite. You are sure to feel hungry almost all the time.

But how can one enjoy the wonderful natural beauty or think of peace and calm on an empty stomach?

No worries, Dharamsala is a city teeming with a variety of eateries serving Indian and international food to cater to hungry stomachs. When in Dharamsala, rest assured, you shall never be far from a nice eatery when the hunger pangs assail you.

Indian, Italian, Tibetan, Mediterranean, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, the range of cuisine on offer in Dharamsala is really mind boggling. You will really be spoilt for choice. But what can be guaranteed is an experience you will treasure as you tuck into a hot plate of momos or bite into a crusty pizza while feasting your eyes on amazing views of the valley and the mountains.

Here is a list of 5 eateries that one should visit while in Dharamsala.


This is an eatery with a twist. In addition to serving some wholesome and tasty food, this joint also whets your appetite for books. So while you wait for your order to be served, you can leisurely thumb across an old classic. The vantage location of the restaurant also ensures you have a great view. You can nurse a coffee as you watch a lazy white cloud hovering over the mountains in the horizon. The restaurant is European and is run by a Belgian. In addition to the excellent ambiance, the food on offer is good. You can try the Hummus plate or chicken, do try out their waffles and pancakes when you are there.

Dharmasala Dharamsala2

 Peace Café

True to its name, this is a tranquil and cozy eatery with awesome views. It is a favorite with the Tibetan monks and other locals. Head out to this eatery if you want to interact with the monks or simply listen to their chatter. The food is mainly Tibetan. You can indulge here in hot and steamy momos or feast on Thentuk, a Tibetan noodle soup which is full of tofu or cheese and vegetables. When you are there do not forget to try out the Tibetan brown bread soaked with butter and the Vegetarian spring rolls. Peace café will leave you satiated physically as well as spiritually and you shall savor the experience for a long time.


Tibet Kitchen

While in Rome, do as the Romans is the adage. Though Dharamsala is not actually Tibet, it is the center of the Tibetan exiled world in India and is home to a large settlement of Tibetans. So while in Dharamsala, do not forget to partake of some authentic Tibetan food. The Tibetan Kitchen is the place to head for to get food with the real flavors of the mountain kingdom. The place gets a wee bit crowded as people in search of the taste of Tibet make a beeline to get here. But in the end, the food is worth waiting for. The place is spread over three floors and you can indulge in Chicken Steamed Momos, Chilly Chicken Dry, Mutton Paa and Pork Paa. The Paa refers to a meat dish cooked with vegetables and chillies. Tibet Kitchen is a family friendly place and the tariff is also reasonable.

Khana Nirvana

If you want to experience Food Nirvana, then do head out to Khana Nirvana. It has a roof top from which you can view the entire Kangra Valley as you listen to some pulsating rock music. The food is a treat to the palate with cuisines ranging from Mediterranean to Israeli to Indian. You can also relax on soft mattresses and cushions on the ground as you enjoy the food, music and spectacular views. When you are there, do not forget to try their Pasta, Schnitzels, Bergers, Pancakes , Pita Bread and Hummus. Once you are done with all that you can wash it all down with Orange and Water Melon Mojitos.

Taste of India

If you are a stickler for Indian food, one of the places that you need to look out for is a restaurant called “Taste of India”. If your palate is dying for some authentic Indian spicy food, then do head out to this restaurant. After the relatively bland food from other cuisines, you will find a welcome change here. The place has a decent ambiance with prompt service and food at reasonable rates. When you are there, do try out their Chicken Tikka and Butter Garlic Nan. They do taste awesome.


The tastes of Dharmasala are so many and so varied, probably you may have to dedicate days if not weeks to explore this culinary heaven. One of the best places to set up base for your Food adventures in Dharmasala is The Sanctuary, a Sterling property that affords magical views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar mountain ranges.