Heat waves have gone; refreshing showers are in. All of us are relieved that the beautiful monsoon season has arrived. As we enjoy the rains, we should not forget to take care of us in this misty season. Though monsoon season is wonderful, rains also increase the chances of diseases like malaria, allergies, cold, cough and other water borne infections.

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Some of the best suggestions are discussed here to ensure you remain healthy to enjoy the rains in peace.

1. Fresh is the keyword

Preserved vegetables and fruits may become stale. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in this season. Examine the skin of the vegetables or fruits and then buy. Cleanse them thoroughly. Wash leafy greens completely as they act host to several insect eggs.

2. Raw is not good

Eating raw salads is definitely healthy but during monsoon it is strongly advised to steam or semi-cook the vegetables. Steaming will kill the germs thereby reducing the chances of infections. Choice of vegetables should be more of cabbage, greens and spinach.

3. No to heavy non-vegetarian food

For all those non-vegetarian lovers, during monsoon our digestive system will be lethargic and slow. So it is better to eat light. Or limit yourselves to non-vegetarian stews. Heavy stuff is best avoided.

4. Street food is a complete NO-NO

Well, this is the hardest part. When there is cool drizzle, nothing is more tempting than roadside eatery joints. But since they are not prepared in hygienic conditions, they are sure to give you indigestion. So avoid street food at all costs.

5. Dining outside

Though home-cooked food is better still if you are planning to eat out, the best option would be to order something piping hot. So you can ensure the item is cooked well at a high temperature.

 6. Cook with less oil, less salt and less spice

In home while cooking, use less oil and less spice so that food is easy on stomach. Also salt will increase water retention. So cutting down salt in the monsoon season is a good option.

7. Grains and sprouts

Oats, barley and sprouts are light on stomach and improve immunity. So opt for these and make semi-liquid soups with them. Add pinches of asafetida, garlic, pepper, turmeric, coriander to make them tasty and healthy too.

8. Clean surroundings

Insect repellents, cleaning of damp areas of home and keeping the cooking area dry is very much essential. Chopping boards and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. As mosquitoes breed on stagnant water, make sure your home is free of stagnancy.

9. Anti-oxidants

Lemon, green tea, guava, orange and amla have lots of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. They combat infections like common cold and improve immunity. Taking these could prove beneficial to everyone, especially senior citizens and children.

10. Water and more water

Due to high humidity you may not feel thirsty but ensure you drink proper quantity of water. Also it is vital that water should be filtered and boiled. As many infections are water borne there is a need to take precautions with drinking water.

By taking care of yourself with these health tips, enjoy the cool monsoon season with joy and good health.

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