Planning a trip is never easy. There are many factors to take into consideration—which place to go to, what to carry, where to stay, how to travel—these and many more questions beset you as you plan that dream trip. So, how do you go about creating your travel itinerary? Ever considered referring to the zodiac for inspiration? Monisha Dudaney shows you how the sun signs can have a strong influence on where you want to travel, how you travel and what your idea of a vacation is.



ariesThe tarot card for the fascinating Arian is The Tower, depicting a time of balance. Breaks over long weekends may leave you with ample time for work and play. You are likely to choose a bit of both—enjoying travel time in the city and then heading to a lake or lagoon to enjoy the solitude by the water. Celebrating the colour and fervour of Teej in Jodhpur or Jaipur will give you a fresh, new perspective. It is critical for you to generate more positivity in your personal space as you deal with ups and downs. Your health is in order as you exercise and balance your diet with fruits, healthy food and vitamins.

Tip of the month: Your ability to forgive holds you in good stead this month

Most compatible sign: Pisces

Least compatible sign:  Virgo


TaurusThe tarot card for the brilliant Taurean is Temperance, indicating a time of complete patience. August brings with it many realisations at work. You travel largely to allow yourself some introspective time to think. The beautiful weather as you catch the tail of the monsoons, especially over the Independence Day weekend, allows you to be with family and friends. This gives you an opportunity to explore and celebrate, especially as many of you head to Bhopal and the many small towns of Madhya Pradesh. Socially, you are much in demand as everybody wants a piece of your positivity and joy. Love for the single takes an upswing as you focus on what you have. Time with your mate is special and filled with moments of togetherness. Health now needs all your time and attention, particularly if you wish to achieve the level of fitness you desire.

Tip of the month: Keeping a gratitude diary helps

Most compatible sign: Capricorn

Least compatible sign: Aries


GeminiThe tarot card for the versatile Geminian is The Star, depicting a time of introspection. Professional quandaries may need you to focus your attention on what you can do with ease. You may be required to force your hand for events that will occur in the middle of the month. The cards indicate that you will travel to your native place to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your siblings and extended family. For those heading to Delhi and Bangalore, your travel bag is packed to the hilt with gifts and interesting souvenirs that will delight your entire family. Love for those in relationships blossoms as you spend a lot of time together enjoying movies, dinners and drives. The single meet someone special on their travels especially if a road trip is on their itinerary. Your back needs attention and will have to be taken care of with massages and exercise.

Tip of the month: Love is and can complete your world

Most compatible sign: Aries

Least compatible sign: Taurus


CancerThe tarot card for the innovative Cancerian is the Page of Wands, depicting a time of confusion. Your work commitments may need you to travel overseas, particularly to the US and UK. Packing and closing pending paper work and correspondence may keep you on your feet. Travelling to Maheshwar to enjoy the festivities towards the end of the month or to celebrate Nag Panchmi in West Bengal will allow you to experience the many moods and flavours of the season ahead. With exams approaching, parents may worry as their kids struggle to cope. You will need all your patience. Love is filled with myriad colours and it’s up to you to decide what you choose. A game of squash or badminton helps you chill out.

Tip of the month: Your creative juices work best when you stay calm

Most compatible sign: Gemini

Least compatible sign: Scorpio


LeoThe tarot card for the busy Leo is the Nine of Wands, indicating a time of much enterprise and excitement in all you do. Clearing formalities and responsibilities at work is critical. Travel will be extravagant as many of you choose a palace or a luxury holiday at a spa. Many of you choose to head to Bangkok, the backwaters of Kerala or the forts of Jaipur. Exercising control over your diet by avoiding fatty foods will be necessary for your well being and energy levels. If single, you are crushing on someone interesting at work. Slow and steady is the way. Physically allowing yourself to get enough rest will be necessary for you to accomplish all you need to do.

Tip of the month: Smile this month no matter what comes your way.

Most compatible sign: Aquarius

Least compatible sign: Sagittarius


VirgoThe tarot card for the lovely Virgoan is The Lovers, indicating a time of harmony. The road to success is not an easy one; however, if you focus on it, you will achieve more than what you dreamed of. Fun and frolic in the outdoors, adventure and the fabulous weather keep you happy as many of you head to Leh and Ladakh on a road trip and enjoy all that is coming your way. Your diet needs more green leafy vegetables and keeping yourself focussed on getting it right is necessary. A new dance class or exercise will liberate your pent up tensions and emotions. The single meet many especially for those taking an impromptu picnic or making a plan to enjoy the good weather. Those in love equations keep up their tempo with innovation.

Tip of the month: Be open to new ideas

Most compatible sign: Libra

Least compatible sign: Leo


LibraThe tarot card for the starry Libran is Strength, deciphering a good month ahead. You make a significant move in your career sector as you ensure doing everything in your power to create many exciting opportunities in your work. This month, the cards indicate travel to Hyderabad and Bangalore to wrap up meetings, last minute work and client pitches. Shopping, eating out and spending time with family friends or relatives who live in the city will keep you positive.  Socially, you will strike a balance between wearing the party hat and being by yourself. Love life for the single is all about meeting new people and you enjoy the new things that come your way. Those in relationships discover their own happy formula to making things work.

Tip of the month: Keep the faith

Most compatible sign: Taurus

Least compatible sign: Aries


ScorpioThe tarot card for the masterful Scorpion is The Tower, depicting a month of learning. You travel for work and meet multi-faceted people, bringing out the best in you. You are at your charming best indulging in networking and bringing in new pitches and client meetings as you create more work for yourself. You will travel across the country so keep a packed bag handy. Keep extra tickets and some spare clothing in your suitcase. Your itchy feet will be thrilled with the amount of miles you clock. Socially, you are leveraging all your contacts and contracts as you are the life and soul of many a party. Love for the single is all about meeting many people. Those in love work on their communication.

Tip of the month: Patience is the key to everything

Most compatible sign: Libra

Least compatible sign: Virgo


SagittariusThe tarot card for the excitable Sagittarian is the Five of Cups. Work wise, you are in a strong position and you decide to push as much as you can. Clocking miles, regular trips to the airport and travelling to Kolkata and Delhi will be high on your agenda. Mixing pleasure with business, some of you even travel to small hill stations nearby during the Independence Day weekend. Spending time with nature and enjoying the small pleasures of life will be your thrill this month. Socially, you are now allowing yourself to take a breather, mingling only with close friends and family. Love takes a U-turn for the single as the ex makes a return. For those in relationships, children give much joy and add a zip of excitement to their lives.

Tip of the month:Being thankful for anything makes good things come your way

Most compatible sign: Capricorn

Least compatible sign: Pisces


CapricornThe tarot card for the energetic Capricornian is The Emperor. Professionally, your ability to surrender to whatever is coming your way will now be incredible. This will allow you to open doors with much more business travel coming your way. Living in hotels, being on the road and pushing your own boundaries of how you interact with people will give you results. New markets will need to be explored, and travel to Amravati or Nasik will prove beneficial in the long run. Keeping calm as you deal with some politics in your social group will be necessary. Those looking for love receive it from common friends. Those in relationships now discover their own winning formula.

Tip of the month: Your strength is you. Feel it

Most compatible sign: Virgo

Least compatible sign: Leo


AquariusThe tarot card for the joyful Aquarian is The High Priestess, depicting your ability to look for your own thrills. Work wise, it’s a hectic month as new projects keep you busy burning the midnight oil. It is advised that you take a break at regular intervals and head to Alibaug or Kumarakom to enjoy the hills and peace of nature. Learn to move away from the stress of cell phones, email and slow down on your holiday to make the most of it. Social shenanigans now keep you entertained as you find new friends and enhance your social circle. Pamper yourself by visiting an exotic spa; it will boost your confidence and inner peace. If single, you are your flirtatious best. Enjoy!

Tip of the month: You are the best. Believe it!

Most compatible sign: Pisces

Least compatible sign: Gemini


PiscesThe tarot card for the happy Piscean is The Chariot, depicting a time of a high and adventurous rush. The adventure junkie in you is calling out for some thrills and you may decide to explore new and unseen places. You travel in unconventional and unusual ways choosing to indulge yourself as you head to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and also travel around the seas. Socially, try to take a strong stance with regard to your ideas instead of convincing others, and you will come through with flying colours. You will discover that things will eventually go your way with much success and money in tow. Those in love will surprise their mate and pep up their romance.

Tip of the month: You are only as good as you think

Most compatible sign: Capricorn

Least compatible sign: Libra

Predictions by

Monisha Singh Dudaney

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