Photography is an art. When you travel, you enter a whole new world and to master that art in the new destination, you need to know a few tips and tricks. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to take different types travel photography in the right way.

Architectural Photography:

Aim at mid-evening where the sky is blue forming shadows to give a 3-dimensional view of architectural monuments. Take photographs from below to exaggerate the height of the subject in Architectural Photography.


Aim Stone building wonders during the Golden hour.  During the golden hour, the view is spectacular as the  light is soft, warm and reddish making stone monuments look reddish during this hour. This is the perfect time for architectural photography.


Landscape Photography:

When it comes to Landscape Photography with mountains as your subject try to show height referring to a human, flower or tree. In this manner we can understand the ranges of the mountains.


When in day there are a lot of people and the beauty of the nature is gone, come back in the night during the twilight to aim for long exposure photography when the lights are down, this is the time your camera will be able to capture the lights of the city and emit this photograph.


Fine Art Photography:


When you are far from the subject without a zoom lens, but still you want to take a shot, the best way is to put in Manual Mode, and decide how big “Bokeh” you want to get this fine art photography.

Night Photography of People:

Spectacular night shot of louvre behind, At this time find a nearest place to keep the camera on a surface, put the timer and boost your ISO, Open up your Aperture and keep the shutter just enough to freeze people, allowing as much light to travel inside your camera. Here you achieve an amazing group shot at night.

Photographing Minute Details:

Every place you visit is known for something. Try to exaggerate those details in your shot. Get closer to the subjects.
Balance the blue with having another color in the subject.

Portrait Photography:


Every city has their fashion style. Capture portraits in that city to understand the style.
Capture portraits in that city to understand the style. Get close to your subject to enhance the features of the portrait in portrait photography.

Taking Group Photo:

While taking a group photograph try to pack them as close as possible forming “triangle compositions”. Placing them at vanishing point of the frame making it look as candid photography.