It’s easy to fall out of an exercise schedule while on holiday. Here are a few tips to ensure you keep fit even when on-the-go.

Even for those of us who exercise regularly, travel can put a spanner in our daily regime. What’s worse is that the exciting business trip out of town or relaxing family vacation often makes it harder to get back into our fitness routine once we get back home and to our regular schedules.  With a little bit of effort though, it is easy to ensure that you get in some exercise even while travelling.

Pack Your Shoes

Carrying a pair of shoes is half the battle won. You never know, you may get an hour or so to yourself in the evening during a business trip, giving you the opportunity to slip into your sneakers and take a walk. Many of the resorts of Sterling Holidays are spread-across sprawling well-landscaped areas. Their vicinity to awe-inspiring views such as lakes, beaches, hills and valleys allow guests the time to commune with nature while walking around the property. Check with the Fun Rangers at the sterling resorts for the best jogging routes.

Exercise While Travelling - Jogging - Wellness Tip

Make Use of the Pool

Nothing helps beat the Indian heat and get some exercise like a quick dip in the pool. Swim a few laps or indulge in a game of Marco-Polo with your family. At Sterling, our pools come with a view, making your fitness experience a beautiful and relaxing one—our Puri and our Goa properties offer outdoor pools surrounded by swaying palm trees; swimming at our Thekkady resort is a surreal experience as the pool is located within a wildlife setting.

Sterling Holidays Thekkady Woods n Spice Swimming Pool Area

Thekkady Woods n Spice Swimming Pool Area

Talk to the Holiday Activities Team

If you are on a family holiday, talk to our Holiday Activities Team, who would be happy to organise fitness-related activities such as a hike or trek for you and your family. What’s more, many of our properties have club houses that offer outdoor facilities such as volleyball and badminton courts, ensuring that your family has fun while still remaining fit.

At Sterling Holidays, we are committed to your fitness. Come holiday with us and you will return not only refreshed but also healthier.