Travelling is rejuvenating; so, when you feel the need for a vacation after a vacation, you probably need to rethink travel! There isn’t a high better than travel if you are a travel junkie like me but travel does not only need the urge to pack your bags and leave, it also involves knowing how to keep yourself healthy during travel. Falling ill while travelling is a real deal breaker but not tasting that tempting-looking street food is equally heart-breaking. So what to do? It is not that difficult, trust me. All you need to do is remember the following tips, pack right and you will be able to enjoy travel without guilt pangs or medicines!

Tip 1- Make water your best friend- carry a bottle!

The first and foremost rule while travelling is hydration! It is very easy to neglect drinking water while travelling and that can cause dehydration very quickly. Always carry a water bottle with you during travel and take small sips regularly.


Tip 2- Commit to at least one healthy meal every day!

Indulge your taste buds and try new cuisines but stay committed to having at least one healthy meal every day while you travel. In that one meal, opt for whole grains, baked or grilled preparations instead of fried foods and a probiotic like yoghurt.


Tip 3- Find time to walk!

If you are a fitness enthusiast and can stick to a workout routine even while travelling, hats off to you! If you are like me on the other hand and find travel as a good excuse to give up exercise, you need to find an alternative. The easiest is to use walking as a method of staying fit. Walk small distances and you will enjoy the scenes better and even save a couple of bucks.


Tip 4- Remember your vitamins and night creams!

Travel is a time for new experiences but you must not forget what you normally do. Continue your routine of vitamins supplements and if you were not taking any, it is a good time to start. Do not forget to take care of your skin as well- moisturise and protect it from dryness and screen it from the sun too.


Tip 5- Keep a sanitizer handy!

Neglected hand hygiene is an important reason of upset tummies during travel. You can’t always wash your hands before you eat while travelling. It is, therefore, wise to keep a sanitizer with you. It is a very handy and convenient way to ensure hand hygiene, especially when you are travelling.


Tip 6- Sleep well!

Of course, you are travelling and the excitement levels are high. There are so many places to explore, so much to do. Sleep sounds like a waste of time but the body is under a lot of stress while travelling and is being subjected to a different climate, a different cuisine and circadian rhythm. It needs rest to adjust and repair. Listen to your body and respect the signs of fatigue which may soon result in an illness if you ignore them.


Tip 7- Enjoy and take it easy!

Don’t think that it is the only time you will visit that place and you need to see everything. You will only end up stressing yourself- both physically and mentally! Enjoy the experience…the memories count, not the number of places you see!!


Have any other tips to share? Do comment and let us know too!! Happy travels! Inspired to travel, book your holiday now and let us pamper you with our impeccable services.