Eco-Art tutorial from Munnar – Terrace Greens

“Ecological Art”, also known as “Eco-Art” is a modern form of art created from natural and bio-degradable materials like wood pulp, natural clay, leaves, bamboo, jute, etc. Eco-Art products are elegant and have a charm of their own.

‘Go Green’ is a modern mantra of many individuals lately. To save this unique and diverse environment, shift from non-biodegradable plastics to bio-degradable materials like jute, paper has begun.

We present to you the making of beautiful art forms (like honeybees, butterflies, etc.) from used plastic bottles.

Following are steps to describe the making of two ‘Honeybees’.


Materials needed:

  • Used plastic bottles (Around 5 – 10)
  • Oil paints and brushes (Around 12 colours)
  • Marker pens (Black, red and green colours)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • A bottle of water
  • A wide cup filled with turpentine or kerosene

It would be better if used plastic bottles are cleaned thoroughly without any smudges, so that the art forms look bright.


  • Take a couple of plastic bottles and cut two wings from each side of both bottles. Note that the wings must still be attached to the bottles.

recycling plastic bottles ideas-ecoart ideas

  • Paint the first bottle with pale yellow colour and the other bottle with rich yellow colour. Take care to colour the wings too.

reusing plastic water bottles-eco art ideas

  • Let the paint become dry. In the mean time, you can paint some other bottles as per your imagination.

craft ideas recycling plastic bottles-ecoart ideas

  • For the first bottle, apply broad zigzag strokes on the pale yellow bottle using black colour marker pen. Add two small painted plastic strips as antenna. Stick two blue balls as ‘eyes’. First honey bee is ready.

creative recycling ideas plastic bottles-eco art ideas

  • For the second one, paint small wavy lines on the rich yellow bottle using black and red markers. Using green colour, paint a leaf like design on top portion of the bottle and on the wings. Your second bee is also ready.

ideas recycling plastic water bottles-eco art ideas

  • Aren’t they looking cute sitting on green leaves.

making honey bee from water bottles-eco art ideas


Similarly you can make any number of art forms as shown below. Use your imagination and create as many models as you want.

eco art plastic bottle ideas-recycling ideas

Look at this boy with the honey bee on his head and the fun children are having at Munnar – Terrace Greens.

Eco art ideas-honey bee artistic models

eco art holiday activity- sterlingholidays munnar terrace greens

Eco-Art is sheer fun to experiment with. Eco-art is a regular holiday activity for guests at Munnar – Terrace Greens. Many of our guests and especially children love to enjoy making eco-art products.