Eco-Art tutorial from Munnar – Terrace Greens

“Ecological Art”, also known as “Eco-Art” is a modern form of art created from natural and bio-degradable materials like wood pulp, natural clay, leaves, bamboo, jute, etc. Eco-Art products are elegant and have a charm of their own.

Modelling with our own hands is a delightful activity and satisfies our creative urge. Let us see how to make an attractive idol of Lord Ganesha with commonly available natural clay. Just follow the simple steps given here.


Materials needed:

  • A large cup of clay
  • A bottle of water
  • A large plastic bowl to mix
  • Small beads for eyes
  • Flowers to decorate the doll

Shaping clay is easy if your hands are slightly wet. So take a little water and dab your hands before modelling the idol.


  • Take some natural clay in the plastic bowl.
  • Add water to it and mix thoroughly to a consistency similar to chapatti dough.

Eco art tutorial-Making Ganesha Idol from Clay

  • Make two round balls, a large one and a small one.
  • Arrange the small ball on top of the large ball, making head and body.

Eco art tutorial-How to make Ganesha Idol from Clay

  • Make four more balls and shape them into long ‘carrots’.
  • Attach two such ‘carrot’ shapes as hands, and other two ‘carrot’ shapes as legs.

Eco art tutorial-eco friendly ganesha idol from Clay

  • Make another ‘carrot’ shape and bend it slightly, resembling ‘trunk’ of an elephant.
  • Now, make two ‘flat’ shaped ears from small balls of clay. Attach the ‘trunk’ and ‘ears’ to the idol.

Eco art tutorial-Attaching Trunk and Ears- Making Ganesha Idol

  • Finally shape two small balls of clay into “tusks’. Please note that one ‘tusk’ must be long and another one ‘short’.
  • Attach both ‘tusks’ to the idol carefully.
  • Take the two black beads and place them as ‘eyes’.
  • Now your beautiful Lord Ganesha doll is complete. Adorn him with a flower.

Eco art tutorial-Eco friendly Ganesha Idol-Adorning with flower


If you want to make it even more beautiful, you can add two more hands, and make some clay jewels too.

Look at these idols created at “Munnar-Terrace Greens” as part of holiday activities.

Munnar Terrace Greens-Holidays Activties-Eco Art-Ganesha Idol

Eco-Art is now a part of regular holiday activities for guests at Munnar – Terrace Greens. Our guests participate in all such activities with lots of enthusiasm and enjoy making these eco-art products.