If you haven’t heard about the Baliharachandi Beach near Puri, then, your travel diary is incomplete. This beach is located at a distance of just 27 km from the holy city of Puri and is at a drive of about 4.5 hours from Bhubaneswar / Patia. Anyone who plans to visit Orissa must include a visit to this beach in their itinerary. Not only for ‘just a beach experience’ (isn’t that just enough though!) but for a ‘fantastic beach experience’. The beach is also the abode of the religious shrine of Goddess Baliharachandi and so is thronged by God lovers and beach lovers alike.

The way to the beach

Baliharachandi Beach

Baliharachandi Beach is situated in the state of Orissa, in the Balasore district. They say penance gives your life nirvana and in this case, just a little effort gives you travel nirvana. The beach is not just an ordinary ‘walk, and you touch the water’ shore but has a little strange approach which for the true adventurer at heart, might be just perfect. You take a walk for 500 meters which is followed by a boat ride of another 200 meters. You walk a little again after that, and it is then you reach this breathtaking beach. Far, from the hustle and bustle of the city, this beach is lined with Casuarina trees and sand dunes that enchant you at first sight itself. The beach offers you the complex cocktail of the swaying trees on a sparkling golden sandy beach with the turbulent sea in the background.

When to plan that holiday


If you plan to visit Puri in particular and visit you must at least once, then, the perfect time to do so would be during the winters, from November to February. The temperature during these months stays between a pleasant 12C to 29C. This season is also perfect for the light traveller as the pleasant winter weather demands only light woollens. Summers at Baliharachandi are scorching and humid, with the minimum temperature hovering near 23?C and maximum temperature striving to touch a high of up to 40C. Monsoons would be the second best choice of season to visit this beach as the place receives moderate rainfall.

‘What’s up’ at the beach

Puri Beach

If you are a sports’ lover, then the only form of activity you can engage in is a leisurely stroll across the vast span of the beach while enjoying the pleasant breeze. The quiet and the serenity of the place makes one want to enjoy the sunbathing and get that beautiful tan. It gives you just the perfect setting for sipping on an iced tea while reading that book that you have wanted to delve into for long. The entire experience is rejuvenating and acts a stress buster and makes you want to stay at the place for as long as you can. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India and so ranks high in the favourite tourist destinations in India.

Culinary delights at the beach

Puri beach food

One can choose from the delectable authentic Oriya cuisine to the culinary experiences of South India, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines. There are a few famous eating joints not precisely on the beach but around it, which serves gourmet food in a perfect beach setting and pleasing ambience.

Other attractions

Baliharachandi Temple

The Baliharachandi Temple is another must-visit destination for all everyone visiting holidaying in the Baliharachandi Beach. It is located on close to the beachside on a sandy hill and pays homage to Goddess Durga in her Eight-Armed (Asta-Bhuja) form. Here, she is worshipped in her avatar of ‘Baliharachandi Mata’, the deity of navigation and water, who protects the fishermen and boatman in danger. The name of the goddess is what bestowed on the beach its name of ‘Baliharachandi’.

Stay in Puri

Sterling Puri

Puri is the ideal city to stay if you are planning to visit Baliharachandi beach. If you are looking for a pleasurable stay, explore Puri-Golden Sands, a Sterling Resort which is located at the scenic spot where the Bhargavi River meets the sea. This Resort is right next to the Brahma Kumaris Ashram, in Sipasarubali Village, Baliapanda which gives a fitting start to the spiritual sojourn of seeking the blessings of the Almighty Lord Jagannath. This famous Jagannath temple was built in the 12th century and was dedicated to Lord Jagannath, who is a representative of Lord Krishna.