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An Abode Fit for the Gods

Puri is one of the four pilgrimage destinations sacred to the Hindus. Devotees believe that Lord Vishnu bathes at Rameshwaram, dines at Puri, spends the night at Dwarka and does penance at Badrinath. While Puri is synonymous with the Jagannath Temple, its religious significance dates back to ancient times. Sages like Atri and Brighu had their hermitage close to this place. 

Wrapped in antiquity and art, a trip to Puri is a must for those who appreciate the richness of tradition, the significance of culture, the wealth of mythology and the serenity of ancient temples. The exquisite Sun Temple at Konarak and the Chilika Lake are a short distance away. Dont forget to take a leisurely stroll on the beach, before you leave Puri.

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Important Information

State: Odisha

Destination Type: Beach and Heritage 

Destinations Nearby: Bhubaneswar 67 km, Kolkata 497 km

Languages: Oriya, Hindi, Bengali and English

Nearest Railway Station: Puri Railway Station 

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneshwar

Summer: March to May. Temperature varies between 19°C and 45°C.

Monsoon: June to September.

Winter: December to February. Temperature ranges between 10°C and 18°C.

  • Remember to leave your footwear before entering temples. 
  • Don't forget to taste the Bhog at the temple.
  • Remember to buy Khaja, the flaky sweet that is typical to Puri.
  • Ensure that the tide and current is suitable for a swim before getting into the sea. 

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