Dolphins are amazing, intelligent and friendly creatures. Who doesn’t like watching the antics of dolphins? But being able to see these spectacular beings in their natural habitat, jumping and cavorting in the water, is a different experience altogether. Dolphins are known to be able to jump to astonishing heights of 20 feet! Dolphins are sociable animals that live together in groups. They are also known to help each other and sometimes other species as well. One does not need to head out to Australia or Singapore to spot a dolphin, as there are many destinations in India itself where one can enjoy the spectacle of this playful mammal playing in the water. Here is a list of the best places to visit in India for some memorable dolphin spotting.


India’s favourite holiday destination is also the place where you can feast your eyes on dolphins making merry in the waters. One of the best places to head out to for a rendezvous with these cute mammals is Sinquerim beach. As you cruise on the waters and admire the sights on the shore, the tempo gets built up with you hearts fluttering in excitement. A bit of patience and silence is sure to bring its rewards as you will see dolphins coming up for air and generally playing it up in the waters of the Arabian Sea. The Indo-Pacific Humpback and the finless porpoises are the species of dolphins that you can spot here. Many companies organise dolphin safaris that could last between 45 to 60 minutes in the waters and provide an enjoyable experience for the entire family. While vacationing in North Goa, you can opt for a luxurious stay at Club Estadia, or live in the lap of luxury at our brand new resort La Vida Varca, launched in the tranquil region of South Goa.


Chilka Lake, Orissa

Chilka Lake, which is situated about 62 Kilometres from Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa, is the second largest lagoon in the World. The lake is massive, covering a surface area of 1,100 square kilometres. The lake is home to the Irrawaddy species of dolphins that thrive in Brackish water. A visit to Bhubaneshwar would remain incomplete without a day trip to the Chilka lake. A boat cruise on the lake is by itself a serene experience, but the experience is enhanced further by the sighting of the Irrawaddy dolphins swimming in the brackish waters of the lake. While you are at Orissa, stay at the stunning Golden Sands and wake up to the striking view of the majestic Bhargavi River.

Dolphin Watching

Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

The Ganges Dolphins or the Gangetic dolphins are blind dolphins that live in the Gangetic plains. There were large numbers of this species, however, due to environmental changes because of the many dams, irrigation projects and pollution, the numbers have dwindled and the species is today an endangered lot. Only about a 100 of these dolphins survive in the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary. The sanctuary is spread across the 50 kilometres stretch of the Ganga river and is the only protected area for the endangered Gangetic Dolphin. The best time to visit for sighting the dolphins here is between the months of June to October. The nearest railway station to reach the place is Bhagalpur.



Lakshadweep, a group of islands off the coast of Kerala, is well known for its biodiversity and unique ecosystems which are home to exotic marine life. The islands and corals are ideal breeding grounds for exotic dolphins and hence Lakshadweep offers some great and close encounters with these friendly mammals. A visit to Lakshadweep is sure to bring to life ones’ fantasies of Dolphin sightings.


Cherai, Kerala

The beaches of Kerala provide an excellent view of charismatic dolphins playing in the crystal clear waters. As Dolphins are mammals, they breathe through their mouths and need to come out of the water every few seconds to gulp in air. During high tide, there is a great possibility of Dolphin sighting in the sea waters of the spectacular Cherai beach. If Kerala is on your mind, stay at our remarkable resort – Terrace Greens – located in the scenic hills of Munnar.


The experience of watching Dolphins in their natural environments is indeed a transformative one and something that will remain etched in one’s memory for a long time. The Dolphins of India are waiting to show off their antics, so get ready, pack your bags and set off for a hearty rendezvous with the Dolphins. Complement your vacation with a memorable stay at Sterling Holidays and treat your loved ones to luxurious living.