Travelling is something loved by most people. Everyone travels in very different ways and to determine the “most ideal” way to travel would be highly incorrect. However, most people do know somewhere inside them that there are a few steps that one should take in order to travel responsibly and also to have fun while doing so. From planning travel after seeing to one’s regular duties, to remembering to cancel the milk and newspaper delivery, there are a number of things one should remember to do before and while travelling.

Not only will this make you feel better about yourself, but will help ensure peace of mind when travelling that will allow you to focus more on the present rather than worrying and fretting about whether you have/ have not done something or have/ don’t have to do something in the future. To make easier the life of your inner traveller, we bring to you a list of New Year resolutions that you can take in order to ensure you travel to the fullest this year and do so whole heartedly while also being responsible about yourself. While some of these items may seem very easy, others are things that some only have on their bucket lists. Stick to your resolutions this year and check off listicles that you would never have thought you would get to!

  1. Make a travel fund

Put aside a budget that you are ready to spend on travel every month or every three months, depending on how often you would like to travel. Start saving up accordingly and putting in that extra Christmas bonus that your boss so generously handed out, or that overtime salary that your extra hours earned you. You can also prioritize travel over material things and instead of investing in a new phone despite your old one being in perfectly good condition, put that money into your travel fund. This will help you plan your travel better and in fact encourage you to travel more based on the amount of money you have saved up for it.

piggy bank

  1. Use all your annual leave

Be it your casual leave or your earned leave, put aside a couple of days for emergencies and use the remaining to travel the world. You only live once, why waste time worrying about the future when you can enjoy the present. Don’t let your annual leave go to waste. If you’re a workaholic, you have an even greater incentive to do this and let go of your worries and take a trip just for yourself without troubling your head about who said what to whom at office today.

  1. Incorporate one activity you love into each of your travel plans

Are you a sporty person or do you love exploring art galleries and tracking down graffiti? Put together a list of things you would like to do and make sure each travel plan and destination happens to check off one of these activities you have listed. For instance, if you want to visit art galleries and check out murals, the National Gallery of Modern Art at Delhi, or the Kynkyny gallery at Bangalore would be options to keep in mind while planning your travel accordingly. This will give you the chance to do what you love while also travelling to new places.

  1. Travel off-beat

Don’t just google “best places to visit”; chart out your own travel map. The most popular tourist destinations are often the most expected and crowded locations. Decide what kind of place you want to visit and then search for lesser known places that offer the same kind of travel experiences. Not only will this let you travel somewhere new, but will help you make memories that people will not be able to replicate. Charting your own map can be a lot of fun and will allow you to do exactly what you want and not what is expected of you.

  1. Learn something new from every place you visit

One of the best parts of travelling is learning new things and experiencing places and culture alien to one. It is important to always have a take away from your travel – something that will help materialize your experience and add something to your life. Learning words from a new language that will assist you in communicating with locals, imbibing a new skill such as bargaining or using a physical map, or perhaps gaining knowledge of a new recipe, are all things that work as souvenirs from your trip. You can show off to your friends but also gain something new that you will get to treasure for the rest of your life.


Travel without the burden of plans or restrictions but also travel to the fullest possible and plan accordingly. Travelling is highly educative and new places and people can teach you things you would never have learned otherwise. Fall in love with the act of travelling and look forward to each of your travel experience with these new year resolutions. So pack your bags and bring out your fun, impromptu side this year and experience the world like you never have before!

happy new year 2019 – This is the first celebration or festival of the year. So, I hope all are preparing yourself for the big day. Have a great day and year ahead.