We all have our own personal milestones in our lives – be it a promotion, or completing a course you took up. However, there are events in almost everyone’s lives that qualify as cause for celebration, and most of us like to make a big deal out them. Sterling Holidays believes, that no matter the milestone, celebration can be done with a vacation. It is the perfect way to turn up the volume, and make a memory that will last for a lifetime. Here 4 vacation ideas to celebrate your family’s milestones!

Destination Weddings

Wedding at Kodai

Get married is a big deal for many people. It can be the single biggest day of some people’s lives. Which is why, Sterling Holidays does weddings like no other! Pick a destination from our 30+ options in India, invite the people that matter and have a beautiful wedding ceremony at one of the pictureque resorts. Everything will be customized and perfect, from the decorations to the food. You’ll have the additional joy of getting married with a view. Not keen on an affordable destination wedding? Set up your honeymoon at a Sterling Holidays resort instead. Either way, celebrate the start of your wedded life with Sterling Holidays, in style.

Birthdays at Sterling

Birthday celebrations

Birthdays are always a great occasion to celebrate. Plan your loved ones’ birthday party at Sterling Holidays. You can give them the time of their life and gift them activities that they love to do – be it skiing in Manali or scuba diving in Goa. Whatever kind of vacation the birthday baby likes, you can pick from the Sterling Holidays experiences. Mountains, Beaches, Jungles – Sterling has it all. Read more about Sterling destinations, here.

Sterling Anniversaries

Honeymoon couple

Celebrating  your wedding anniversary? Do it the right way with Sterling Holidays. What’s more romantic than taking a trip on your anniversary – just the both of you. Rekindle your romance, and set your spirits free while on vacation. Leave the planning to Sterling Holidays. Booking a vacation has never been so easy and stress-free. All you’ll need to do is show up and enjoy the time with your loved one.

Your First Family Vacation

Have you added a new member to your family? Going from 2 to 3 is always a memorable milestone, and you want to cherish every minute of it! Plan your first vacation with your child at a Sterling Holidays resort. Did you know kids love Sterling Holidays? Read this to know why! You are bound to have a great time at Sterling Holidays, with resorts equipped to handle kids of all ages! You can have that stress-free holiday you’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and celebrate the milestone of growing your family while you’re at it!

Looking for a way you can celebrate every milestone of yours in an affordable manner? With a lifetime of Sterling Holidays membership, you’ll spend less on vacations, and save more in the long run. Send and enquiry today, by clicking here, and start your journey of unlimited milestones, now!