Dindi isn’t just your typical sleepy village along the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. Dindi has a lot of beaches and peaceful looking paddy fields which add to its scenic beauty. To know more about Dindi, you can check out our blog on 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dindi. There’s actually a lot that you can do and see in Dindi and the ambience of the place can be quite romantic for you and your partner. Here are some of the things that you and your partner can do in Dindi together-

Visit The Beaches

Antervedi Beach is the place where the Godavari river and the Bay of Bengal meet. The beach has a great view and unique ecology. Narsapur Beach has one of the best water-fronts in the area. You and your partner can have some fun in the sun with the sand and surf. If you want to know more about what you and your partner can see in Dindi, check out our blog about the Top Places To Visit In Dindi.

Go Camping

Dindi is a camper’s paradise. Since it is quite a distance from the nearest town of Rajahmundhry, it is the perfect place to set up a tent and relax under the stars. If you and your partner love camping and the outdoors, Dindi is the place to be. If you’re looking for more fun activities to do, check out our blog on the Top Things to do in Dindi.

Relax At Our Resort

At our resort in Dindi, a wide range of facilities and amenities await you and your partner. You can take a dip in our pool or go for a relaxing massage at our spa.

If you’re looking for the perfect romantic destination, look no further. Come to Dindi and immerse yourself in it’s laid back, serene atmosphere with your loved one. While you are here, make sure you stay at the Dindi – By the Godavari for a memorable vacation.