Drama in the Deep Blue Sea of Goa

– Mr. Kishore

speed motor boat rides in goa

Six of my friends and I went to Goa recently to spend our holiday in an adventurous way. We rented a motor boat and ventured into the sea on our own, without a professional driver. Though, a lifeboat followed us just in case we needed help.

Everyone was so excited. We were singing, screaming and shouting, as our boat sailed into the quiet sea. Soon, we felt that the silence was overwhelming and we all stopped making noises. We looked at the mesmerizing sight of the sea touching the sky at the edge. There was only the hushing sound of distant waves. What a beautiful experience it was!

The silence stayed with us even when we were returning to the shore. But when were nearing the shore, a high rising wave hit our boat suddenly and capsized it. We were all thrown into the sea. However, we were all wearing safety suits, and the life guards from the pilot boat came to our rescue immediately.

Though, we were shocked and panicked by the sudden turn of the event, it also happened to be the best experience. After all, we went to Goa for some adrenaline pumping action, anyway!

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