Welcome aboard!

Congratulations on making the smart decision when it comes to your travel goals. We promise you; you won’t regret this! Your decision to become a member with Sterling Holidays has created a path that will allow you to have the best holidays at the most beautiful destinations; holidays that everyone in your family will love and enjoy! Sterling Holidays offers you unbeatable experiences with world class hospitality, to ensure that every family vacation you take is a perfect one. The team goes out of the way to ensure your family holiday is well-planned and tailored to your likes, taking into account your entire family’s needs.

Now that you’re a part of the Sterling Holidays family, there must be a lot of things you’re planning, including where and when to go! Sterling Holidays wants you enjoy your membership to the fullest, so here are 4 tips for new Sterling Holiday members, that will help you now and in the future!

Tip #1 –  Book your first holiday as soon as possible!

Travel Booking

The excitement of owning a membership is heightened when you take your first holiday as soon as possible. Not only does this give you a chance to check out your investment first-hand, but it also gets the ball rolling with your membership. With 30+ resorts to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Make a decision, and get going on that holiday! Sterling Holidays offers all kinds of destination choices – Jungles, Beaches, Mountains – check them out here

Tip #2 – Educate yourself about your Sterling membership.

Travel Planning

No doubt you’ve probably done all your research and know enough, but it is always a good idea to get acquainted with how the membership works. Understand the points system in detail. Get to know more about the types of accommodation. Most importantly, learn about all the seasons and how you can make the best use of your points through the year to ensure you get in the best holiday experience! Make sure you also familiarize yourself with your free RCI membership, so you can redeem your points to go on international vacations, at unbelievable prices – as if you are holidaying in India!

Tip #3 – Be mindful of fees, discounts and cancellation policies.


Sterling Holidays constantly has offers and discounts made available especially for members, so make sure you factor those into your vacation planning too. Make sure you find out about all additional fees that you may have to pay. For instance, a guest charge if you book a vacation for someone else, and you don’t go along. Also understand how the cancellation policies work. Taking all these into account will make your vacation planning less stressful and free of surprises!

Tip #4 – Don’t forget to pay your Annual Subscription Fee.

Man giving money

Your Annual Subscription Fee is similar to the maintenance charges you pay to the association when you buy a flat. This yearly fee allows Sterling Holidays to constantly maintain and improve the standards of the resort. This is so that your holiday 10 years from now feels just as good as it does today! Pay your Annual Subscription Fee regularly, to enjoy the member benefits of Sterling Holidays, for all the years to come!

Not yet a member with Sterling Holidays? Then make sure you read our article Are There Benefits To Buying A Vacation Ownership Membership In This Day And Age, here. You can also send an enquiry to know more about becoming a Sterling Holidays member, by clicking here.