The average time a surfer rides a wave is barely six seconds but the adrenaline rush in those six seconds is exhilarating enough to make for a lifetime of memories. No wonder, surfing is so addictive! It may be a relatively recent sport taken up by the Indian subcontinent, but interestingly, it is this very country which gave the sport its name. India is naturally blessed with 7000 kilometres of coastline, and although it took some time for surf lovers to discover its potential, India is now an upcoming name in the world of surfing. For those who love to ride the waves on crystal clear waterways, here are some of the favourite surf destinations in the country:


goa surfing

What was unthinkable in the last decade is now a popular indulgence in the most popular tourist destination in India. With the best beaches, Goa is ideal for surfing.  A new surfing culture is looming its head at North Goa where the conditions are highly favourable for surfing in the summer months. Towards the end of May and the beginning of June, one can find waves as high as 5 to 10 feet. The beaches and the prevailing wind conditions make the place ideal for both amateurs and professionals. While huge waves can be found on the beach breaks between Morjim and Arambol, Ashwem is particularly famous amongst beginners. If surfing sounds fun, but you don’t know how to, fret not! Many surfing schools have sprung up in Goa that teaches the sport to enthusiasts.

Pack your bags, boards, towel and sunscreen and head to the Villagio, La Vida Varca or Club Estadia to enjoy the Goan experience!

Paradip, Odisha

Odisha surfing

This one is only for the experienced surfers. With gigantic waves that can take a surfer up to a distance of one kilometre, it is one of the more challenging turfs for those who are in for the thrill of the game. For the ones still in the learning phase, Jagannath Puri, which lies close by, is a good alternative. The waves there rise to 6 to 8 feet. The best time to visit the place is from November to April. It is best to avoid it during the monsoons due to the associated rain and sweat. Winters are preferable as the weather is agreeable. While you are here, stay with us at the luxurious Golden Sands and treat your loved ones to a spectacular vacation with Sterling Holidays.

Kovalam beach, Tamil Nadu

Kovalam surfing

One of the most popular destinations, one cannot find a better place to explore surfing other than Kovalam in ‘God’s own country’-Kerala. The crescent shaped coastline has become quite popular with surfers. Most of the credit for this popularity goes to the Kovalam Surf Club that was established in 2005. The club not only teaches surfing but is also involved in significant social work and helps children stay in schools. Now that is what is called-‘Surf with a cause!’

Alwars, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu surfing

Some travellers do not like taking the usual path and prefer the offbeat destinations. For such surf lovers, Manapad point in Tamil Nadu is the best place to be. An offbeat yet beautiful destination for surfing, the beach harbours one of the best surfing spots in India known as Alwars. It witnesses the best wave formations in the country throughout the year. However, it is a good idea for amateurs to avoid this surfing spot during the monsoon season.

Gokarna, Karnataka

gokarna surfing

A surfer heaven can be summed up in three things- a blue expanse of sky, resplendent waters and a mountainous backdrop. Add to it majestic rows of towering coconut trees, and you get Gokarna in Karnataka. The waves here are less challenging and easier to tame than those found elsewhere, and that makes it an ideal place for beginners and amateurs. The best time to visit Gokarna is slated to be from October to March. Cocopelli Surf School in Gokarna is recognised by International Surf Association and has instructors with Level 1 ISA certification.

Which destination are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments section below.