If there is one state in India that seems to have been blessed doubly by nature, it is indeed the southern state of Kerala. A state that seems to revel in glorious harmony with nature. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests, beaches, and other elements of  nature’s magic vie with each other to seduce the beholder with their ethereal charm. A visit to this lovely state is bound to strengthen your opinion about God’s own country, Kerala, a state that actually seems to be handcrafted by the hands of God.

Munnar is the shinning jewel of Kerala with a stunning different side. This hill station was the apple of the eye of the aristocracy during the British Raj with a plethora of top things to do. Munnar is a visual extravaganza with its emerald tea plantations. Munnar which is situated in Idukki district lies at a height of about 5200 feet and is an ideal getaway into the arms of nature.

Waking up in the morning to nature’s symphony is always a magical experience. Sterling mixes the best of the mornings magical ingredients into a mesmerizing experience called Morning Glory.

Morning Glory true to its name epitomizes the spirit and beauty of nature bathed in the benign morning light. You will experience the sheer and enchanting natural beauty of Marayoor, which is situated some 42 Kms. from Munnar. Marayoor will welcome you with the mountain air tantalizingly scented with the fragrance of sandalwood. Marayoor is embellished with natural sandalwood forests, the only place in Kerala where you will find these precious trees. The mesmerizing topography of Marayoor includes deciduous forests, undulating hills, sholas, rivers, numerous brooks and streams that flow in gay abandon, paddy fields, and evergreen forests. In the morning as the sun rays first kiss the earth and silvery dewdrops drape the vegetation, Marayoor transcends from the extraordinary to the sublime.


Marayoor also has some more intriguing secrets up its sleeve that make for an interesting exploration. Marayoor lays claim to trace its origins as far back as the stone age to 10,000 B.C. Dolmens found in the region can be traced back to the stone age. Dolmens for the uninitiated are above the ground burial chambers built with rocks laid edge to edge and covered with earth. Dozens of these Dolmens are found in Marayoor around an old Shiva temple on the banks of the River Pambar. Remains of burial urns have also been found in the vicinity.


Another fascinating experience that you need to check out at Marayoor is that of the ancient rock paintings which can be found at EzhutuGuha or cave, Kovilkadavu, Manala, and Attala. The rock paintings are those of humans, animals and abstract figures.

Marayoor never ceases to surprise and excite. It is rich in wildlife and avian population and has more than 225 species of birds. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in the vicinity is home to the endangered Grizzled Giant Squirrel and the rare White Bison. Animals including Elephants, Tigers, Leopards,Sambar, Spotted Deer, etc., revel in the lush forests of Marayoor.

Marayoor indeed is a slice of the best of nature and heritage and makes for a surreal morning experience that guarantees sheer bliss. The glory of the morning awaits with promises of unforgettable experiences at the Sterling Munnar. The tea plantations of Munnar hauntingly beckon with their gentle grace and the fragrance of the sandalwood trees hang tantalizingly in the air. This is the time to reconnect with nature and lose oneself in its intoxicating beauty, so why not get back to nature with a quintessential trip to Munnar?

Reconnect with your inner self with our one-of-a-kind Munnar morning glory package offered by Sterling Munnar. It is time you holiday differently with Sterling and make memories to cherish for the rest of your life.