Kerala offers many secrets. The extensive river network, paddy fields, and quiet getaways fill the state. Tourists flock to the state during the winter months when the summer heat abates and gives way to pleasant boat rides and excellent cuisine. This is also when Alleppey comes alive with houseboats. An Alleppey boat house is an experience that takes you through the rural routes of Kerala. The scenery is beautiful and offers many new experiences for first-time visitors. 

Boating in Alleppey 

Alleppey houseboats

The thatched boat that people would hire for a short tour is famous in large swathes of Kerala. Luxury-seekers can find their home at houseboats which come out of Alleppey. 

Houseboats are makeshift houses, floating calmly, as you make your way through the backwaters. The rivers in the region offer various scenery, and the bookings can last anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks as you enjoy your getaway.

The more deluxe houseboat Alleppey are called Kettuvallams. These repurposed boats are equipped with all the modern amenities and bring out the best luxuries. People who operate these larger boats usually arrange group tours since the boats can hold large families for a perfect holiday experience

When to Visit?

Houseboat Alleppey

The winters offer the calmest waters and the best time to explore Kerala. However, there’s a small caveat. As houseboats have come to the fore, riverways are often filled with tourists throughout the season. While choosing an Alappuzha house boat package, keep that in consideration. The other prime time might be autumn when there are fewer holidays and fewer people visit the area.

Another option is to book a Kollam tip from Alleppey. This is the longest route along the area and takes overnight. The timing deters a large amount of traffic in the area. Other tourists also try to book during the monsoons. Monsoon discounts lie abound and the waterways are in full force during this time of the year. 

A Kerala vacation during the summers might not be recommended, but an air-conditioned houseboat will be perfect for idyllic boating in the Kerala backwater if you do plan to visit in May. 

How to get there?

The nearest airport is Cochin which lies about 80 kilometers away from the town. Alleppey is well-connected to all Kerala towns by train and buses. Many people hire boats from other centers to travel to Alleppey; Kollam, Kumarakom, and Kuttanad are nearby centers. It is recommended that people avail the air route because it is the shortest in terms of time. Cochin is also very well-connected, making the trip to Alleppey come with ease. 

Where to stay?

Houseboat on water

Houseboats offer a great way to spend a weekend over the backwaters. For any more extended stay, resorts and hotels are a better option. Sterling Lake Palace Alleppey, offers the best of both worlds, with a variety of houseboat packages, and resort accommodation as well! All you have to do is stay at Sterling Lake Palace Alleppey and all your needs will be met.

As the waters settle in Kerala, thousands of tourists visit the state to see the extensive backwater routes. Paddy fields, remote villages, oyster farms, Alleppey has secrets in every corner, and a houseboat to reveal them all. 

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