The D-day is nearing. With tons of excitement, you have started packing for that dream trip. But there are many questions buzzing in your brain.

What if there is a party which I need to attend? So add that gorgeous party outfit. May be two more pair of sandals are necessary? Oh! Why not another bag? Maybe I would need an extra pair of jeans.

So after an hour, when you look around, there are four pieces of heavy luggage for a week’s trip. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Well, of course it is human tendency to pack as much as possible when we are on a high of getting ready for a wonderful trip. But practically, problems caused by excess luggage and improper packing are endless.

Travel packing tips for good vacation

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See the below tips which will assist you in packing.

1. Need or want

Look at the list of attires you have chosen. Usually we tend to take all the nice ones to the destinations. But if you just spread all the clothes you are planning to take around, you will realize that the number can be reduced into half. So take only what you need, not what you want. Mix and match outfits so that it appears as if you are wearing a different dress every day.

2. Cosmetics and toiletries

Instead of taking large bottles of shampoos, conditioners, pastes, lotions etc., buy sachets specially meant for travellers. Sachets occupy less space and also save you from carrying weight. Also every cream or lotion may not be absolutely necessary and some can be left at home for a week’s trip.

3. Take a single bag

Though sounds simple, it is the most difficult task. Every person almost believes that minimum two bags are essential. But it is not true. A single bag is more than sufficient for a week’s trip. If you think more than a single bag is needed, opt for a good compression sack. Those are really good and help you pack more but in a compact and neat way.

4. Accessories

These are the next major things after clothes. Starting from earrings, handbags, shoes and much more, these occupy a lot of space. So again the technique is to mix and match. A pair of shoes is fine and a pair of normal daily use sandals (that is what you are currently wearing) is good. Only in the case special trips like hiking, you need special footwear.

5. Limit your souvenirs

Luggage is a head ache even on a return trip. It is natural for anyone to buy gifts and souvenirs for all loved ones. But it is always better to choose small yet unique gifts rather than huge and bulky stuff. Otherwise you may have to buy another bag to carry gifts alone.

Ideally, a gift should be something which represents the place and is suitable to the receiver. Apply this principle and you are sure to end up with perfect gifts.

The aim should be to enjoy the vacation and also the travel by packing light and packing right.