A man grows wise by three ways – teaching, reading and travelling. The best way to explore this wonderful world is by travelling. Travelling gives so many varied, unique, special and significant moments for us to treasure.

Tips for Safe Travel

It can be extremely rewarding as we make new friends, visit new places and gain experience. Even though travelling is incredible, it is always better if some tips are followed so that unforeseen challenges can be handled better. Here are some quick tips for safe journey:

Know your destination

Research your destination before hand by going through reviews and plan accordingly. Information on the season, kinds of transport available, accommodation and types of cuisine available will definitely help when you visit a new place.

Take travel insurance

This is one of the most important things to be done. Taking a travel insurance will help in dealing with any uneventful incidents, especially when you fall sick in a foreign land. Health care can cause severe dents in your pocket. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Carry money in different forms

While travelling, people will be required to make payments in many places. Carry credit cards, traveller cheques and liquid cash so that there would not be any trouble when different kinds of payments are required.

Copy relevant documents

One of the worst things that can happen to travellers is losing vital documents like passport. It can result in spending hours calling the people required and waiting around to get the relevant forms.  Such anxiety can be avoided by making copies of most important documents like passport, insurance documents, credit cards, etc.,

A big ‘NO’ to flashing valuables   

Expensive cameras, ipads, iphones, costly jewellery and related articles if flashed in public will draw attention. In many places these valuables may be common, but there are chances that flashing them advertises your affluence and draws trouble.

Inform family about your whereabouts

Update your family and friends about where you are currently. Also while going for sightseeing in a group, inform at least one member if you are going to wander a bit. Though Internet and Smart phones facilitate connectivity, getting lost might not happen. But it is always safe if you inform people in advance.

Conform to rules of your destination

Several countries have some restrictions on ways of dressing and etiquette. Also there might be some rules while visiting specific places of religious importance. It is important to respect local customs and traditions. Conforming to them helps in avoiding unnecessary problems.

So next time when you backpack for a short trip or go on a long vacation, remember these tips. Hope you visit all your dream destinations and have fruitful experiences.