Does the thought of tigers fascinate you? Are you looking for a holiday spot that isn’t swamped with tourists? Then Kahna National Park in Madhya Pradesh can be your answer. This idyllic spot is largely untouched by humn activity. At this beautiful getaway, you can witness a wide range of animals, including the majestic Bengal tiger, in their natural habitat. Here are a few mind-blowing facts about Kanha National Park along with a guide on when to go and what to expect.

Kanha National Park

About Kanha National Park

One of the top wildlife sanctuaries in India, Kanha National Park is spread across 940 sq. km. The park is known as a big park for big cats thanks to the Bengal tigers which roam through these forests. This park is also known worldwide for saving the existence of the Barasingha deer, which had almost hit extinction. It has the reputation of being one of the best managed parks in the entire continent of Asia. The park may be famous for its tigers, the survival of the Barasingha, and even the award-winning documentary, ‘Land of the Tigers’ shot by the National Geographic team within the park, but it is also home to leopards, wild dogs and other flora and fauna.

Areas you must visit at the Kanha National Park:

At Kanha National Park, the jungle safari is the main tourist attraction. Along with the safari, the park is an excellent place for a calm and serene nature walk, bird watching and a visit to the villages. The safari is usually done in open jeeps, where tourists can have a clear view of the outside, while safely sitting in the jeep. The jeeps are driven slow in order to not make too much noise. The noise from vehicles is often known to upset the animals. The safari is divided in to 4 zones:  Kanha zone, Kisli zone, Sarhi zone and Mukki zone.

The Kanha museum which is within the park preserves the skeletons of reptiles and animals of the vicinity. The museum is also a great window to learn about the culture and traditions of the nearby locals. The Sonf Meadows are popular for spotting Barasingha that move here in herds. There are also forests of sindoor trees within this park. Every Indian household is familiar sindoor or vermillion which is a red pigment worn on the head by married women in most Hindu families. The pigment is extracted from the sindoor tree, which is found here in abundance. Shravan Taal is a pond, where it is believed that Sharavan came to refill water for his parents. Shravan was a devoted Son, who was mentioned in the Hindu epic of Ramayana. The Kanha Meadows are famous for being the perfect location where most tourists can get a glimpse of tigers.

The Climate at Kanha National Park:

At the Kanha National Park, there is a vast difference between the temperatures of the day and the temperatures of the night. Due to direct sunlight, the temperatures during the day rise swiftly and warm up the atmosphere.


The weather in the park is usually cool due to the presence of trees and dense forests. The winters last from November to March, wherein temperature may drop to as low as 1 degree at night. During the day, it is slightly cool, with temperatures going up to about 17-20 degrees. Either way, morning safaris during winter is often best avoided.


Summer season starts from April and lasts through June, and often poses a challenge to safari enthusiasts. It becomes difficult to be out in the open because of the temperatures that hit the 45-degree mark.


Monsoon comes to the park from July to October and during this time, the park remains shut for visitors.

The Best Time to Visit the Park:

Kanha National Park

Despite these weather conditions, there is a specific time limit to when tourists can have a great time at the Kanha National Park. The park is open for visitors from 16th of October to 30th of June every year. Due to holidays from school or festivals, most Indian tourists visit the location during October to December, or April to June. However, tourists from other countries prefer visiting this park between November to April. For enthusiasts who are interested in core wildlife, October to April is undeniably the best time to visit the National Park of Kanha.

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