Indian culture is an amalgamation of diverse languages, religions, music, cuisines, beliefs and a world renowned, rich heritage, passed down by our ancestors. These remarkable monuments and culture-rich phenomenal sites remind us of our historical past and act as a time capsule to teleport us back in time.

Today, the 18th of April, is declared as World Heritage Day as a measure to save and cherish our rich cultural past. The main objective of this day is to gently remind ourselves of our diverse heritage and its significant impact on mankind. Our traditional monuments, scriptures, and artifacts are brimful of rich culture and have played a pivotal role in placing India on the map. It is about time we push ourselves to protect and safeguard these monuments from eroding and gradually disintegrating. These exceptional architectural sites are the assets we have inherited from our ancestors and are an embodiment of Indian history.  The age-old caves and culture-rich walls of each monument tell a tale and transport us back to ancient India with an aura of its own.

India alone is known to be home to 35 renowned World heritage sites, as declared by UNESCO. These prestigious monuments include the quintessential Taj Mahal, the iconic Fatehpur Sikri, the enchanting Ajanta and Ellora caves, and the archetypal monuments of Hampi to name a few.