It is that time of the year again when there is a nip in the air, and the atmosphere is surcharged with a latent excitement. The excitement is infused by the advent of Christmas and the approach of the New Year. As Christmas approaches and leaves after weaving a magic spell, it is the turn of New Year’s Eve to have everyone in its thrall.  New Year’s Eve is that time of the year when the past, whether good or bad is bidden farewell and the dreamy sunrise of a brand new year is welcomed with hope and optimism.

Everyone has their way of ringing in the New Year. Some like to do it in rocking style, partying away till the wee hours as the old year slowly recedes into history and the New Year’s appears on the horizon. Some like to spend this transitionary space in solitude, perhaps introspectively watching an enchanting sunrise over the hills. Some may prefer to look at the year ebb away with the tide, sitting on a moonlit beach. Some may want to ring in the New Year with the hypnotic notes of temple bells in a spiritually charged atmosphere. Whatever the style, there is a destination to match, where one can spend the New Year’s Eve. Here are four destinations that you can choose from to welcome the New Year based on your personal preferences.


If you think of destinations for spending the New Year’s Eve, the first place that springs to most people’s mind is Goa. Goa can be considered as the Party Capital of India. Goa is a place where the party never ends. One of the most happening destinations for spending New Year’s Eve is Goa with its magical offerings of moonlit beaches, resorts, extraordinary shacks offering delicious food and casinos. Goa erupts in psychedelic energy on New Year’s Eve, with every church, hotel and street corner bedecked brilliantly like a bride. The wine keeps flowing, and the food never ends, and the music goes on, escorting the year that was and welcoming and serenading the New Year. Goa is a perfect destination to spend the New Year’s Eve if you are a party animal and want to transition into the New Year in high spirits, gyrating to the vibrant music. Stay with us at Club Estadia and enjoy our well-designed rooms and a host of amenities that will make your stay even better.

Party Capital- Goa


This is an excellent place to spend the New Year’s Eve if you love to commune with nature. The undulating and lush green hills of Munnar with terrace tea gardens and white clouds creating a natural tableau of enchanting beauty provide the ideal backdrop to spend the last day of the year. As the year recedes into history and the New Year makes its presence felt, your senses will feel strangely uplifted as you inhale the intoxicating fragrance of the tea leaves in the air.

Munnar nestled in the hills of God’s country, Kerala; at the height of about 5,200 feet is a great destination to spend the New Year’s Eve with family, friends or solo away from the din and chaos of the cities.
Sterling’s picturesque resort ‘Munnar – Terrace Greens’ is an excellent place to stay and enjoy this beautiful destination. A holiday here is sure to drive your spirits up.



If you want to end the Year with prayers of thanksgiving for the year that was and usher in the New Year with divine blessings, then hallowed land of Shirdi is where you should be when 2016 slowly fades into oblivion and the year 2017 emerges from the shadows amidst the ringing of temple bells and the sound of conches. Experience spiritual nirvana as devotional songs and Vedic chants rent the air, and you feel intrinsically cleansed and ready to face the challenges of that the New Year would bring with renewed energy and new hope. Shirdi provides an ideal backdrop for families and anyone spiritually inclined, to spend New Year’s Eve away from the partying but intoxicated by devotion. To experience Shirdi in all its glory, plan your stay with us today.



If you want to spend the New Year’s Eve in the presence of snow in a quaint little village not far from the famous hill station of Shimla, then head to Kufri. Be enthralled by views of Apple orchards and Deodhar trees as the sun sets on 2016 and the first rays of the sun usher in 2017. You can kick off the New Year in style with some skiing if you are adventurously inclined or just frolic in the snow with your partner or family as the New Year replaces the old. Stay with us at The White Ridge, and enjoy impeccable service.


The clock is ticking away for the current year and the New Year waits silently behind the curtains to make its entry into the stage of our lives. Have you planned how and where you want to spend the New Year’s Eve? If not we hope that these destinations interest you enough to prepare and pack your bags and get going. Wherever you decide to go, a Sterling Holidays Resort is waiting to welcome you with open arms and to celebrate the New Year’s Eve together.