Do you recall those childhood days, when the warm morning sun disappeared into grey fluffy clouds, scary wind blowing all over you, sudden huge drops of rain falling? Remember the glee when you anticipated that aroma of moist earth and ventured into the backyard or garden. What wonderful joy you, when cool rain drops caressed you! Those memories live forever.

Sterling Holidays Karwar - Emerald Bay Pool Area

Sterling Holidays Karwar – Emerald Bay Pool Area

That is the magic of the rainy season. We cannot hold anyone at fault for getting swayed to the charms of the monsoon. Rain is so enticing, irresistible and wonderful.  The sight of early morning showers leaving their imprints on colourful flowers and fresh leaves, the sight of colourful umbrellas on the streets, the sight of bright  lightning,  the sight of people huddling together under shades and much more, add attraction to the lovely monsoon season.

Misty morning in Lonavala - Monsoon Season

Misty morning in Lonavala – Monsoon Season

For the children, this season is the best, as schools declare unexpected holidays during heavy rains. For the senior citizens, this season is a time of nostalgic memories of their fruitful days, as they sit with their grandchildren and share their memories. For young adults, this is a season of many outings and fun with their friends. For couples, nothing is more heavenly than to stand in shelters holding hands together during a sudden downpour.

As the barren land blooms, as the brown landscape turns into fresh lush greenery, as the dry air becomes heavy with moisture, many monsoon festivals arrive in full swing and people rejoice celebrating them. Nagpanchami, Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Rath Yatras, Adi Perukku, Hemis Festival and the list goes on as all of these are festivals to be enjoyed in this ‘wet’ season. Colourful, vibrant and spectacular all these festivals showcase the multicultural heritage of India.

As quoted by the famous American Poet Langston Hughes say, “Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby”, rain brings poetry to life.

What could be more enjoyable than sitting at a cozy resort with hot aromatic tea in hand and watching the beautiful rain! Let us welcome the monsoon with warmth and open arms.