Recall those frustrating moments when you struggled in vain with your naughty brat, making him listen to the lesson ‘Seven modern wonders of the world’. Later during that wonderful trip to Agra, the same little one stood in awe before Taj Mahal and exclaimed “This building is in my history book!”  To your delight, you recall what happened next. Your child badgered you with a torrent of questions “why it is white in colour? what is inside this?”

Travel & Parenting - Kids Travel Benefits

Such moments show that kids have inherent curiosity and require multisensory experience to learn anything in life. But how many times have you debated should your child be taken along on a trip or not and mulled over if travelling with a kid is difficult?

Most of the parents face this dilemma. It is one of the moments when every parent feels that the toughest herculean task in the world is parenting.

In general, parents crave to provide their best to their children in every aspect, be it education, sports, health or day-to-day activities. Like all these aspects, travelling is also important as it is a sublime way to satisfy children’s natural curiosity and to develop their total personality. The Taj Mahal incident is an example to show historical facts are best taught on location, in the presence of actual monuments.

Also when a child from a busy city, where the word ‘snow’ is present only in print, is sure to be overjoyed when he or she looks at ‘real’ snow fall. The fact that different geographical regions ranging from Dry Desert to thick evergreen forests exist on this earth can be relished best when they experience such regions in person.

An ecstatic parent Mr.Jagadish Chauhan says that he can never forget the moment when his son enjoyed snow for the first time in his life.

Another proud lady Mrs. Sudha Seshadri feels so happy and contended to see her grandson enjoy a trip to Goa and Karwar, where the child opens up and enjoys every moment to its fullest.

There is no doubt that the best gift a parent can give a child is to make him/her travel and bask in the amazing beauty of the world. It is an undeniable fact that travel is an education in itself and is vital in making the child grow-up mentally, culturally and psychologically.

Enjoy as many trips as possible with your loved ones and you will be assured to have memories that will last you for a lifetime to come.