The chirping and screeching of birds wake you up gently from your sweet sleep. As you peer out of the window the divine sight of emerald waters and coconut trees on the horizon uplift your spirits and you feel a euphoric high. This is how one wakes up in the midst of the backwater of the Godavari on the spectacular houseboats of Dindi.

Dindi – A paradise to be discovered

Dindi is a paradise waiting to be discovered. One should head out to experience it before more and more tourists make a beeline for it. It is a place that retains its connection with pristine nature at its best. Situated strategically on the intersection of the Godavari river with the Bay of Bengal, Dindi is ornamented with coconut plantations. This secluded heaven comes alive with to the sounds of happy birds revelling in the natural beauty. Meandering canals bordered with coconut palms are a sight for sore eyes. Dindi, the pristine paradise on the banks of the river Godavari is situated just about 80 kilometers from the city of Rajahmundry in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

A stay at the riverside resort of Sterling Dindi is, of course, a complete indulgence for the senses. The magical nature of the surrounding blends with the finely designed rooms of the resort to set the heart aflutter. An in-house spa is ideal for pampering the body and rejuvenating all the senses amidst the serene surroundings.

The houseboats of Dindi

Dindi, of course, is like a spell of serenity for the senses. What makes the Dindi experience even more spectacular and enchanting are the houseboats which take one on a lazy cruise on the backwaters of the Godavari.

Houseboats always have a special appeal. One of the things about houseboats that immediately makes one excited is the fact that one is surrounded by water. The houseboats at Dindi can be hired for hourly basis too. One can, of course, choose to stay overnight at one of the houseboats that anchor close to the banks. This option gives the complete experience of staying on a houseboat and enjoying dinner and other facilities while cruising on the waters. It is also an opportunity to explore the waterways and the settlements and fields along the banks. One of the most indulgent and best dining experiences is to dine on the upper deck of a houseboat and listen to the lapping of the water against the boat, while you feast on local food and your eyes take in the panoramic views around.

An experience of a lifetime

A cruise on a houseboat also offers some breath-taking experiences in the form of viewing magical sunrises or sunsets from the boat. This is an experience that is guaranteed to touch your heart and mesmerize you. A houseboat cruise also offers the unique opportunity of observing the flora and fauna of the region from a relaxed and vantage point. It is always a pleasure to look at the rich bird life in the region. Birds throng the waters, especially in the morning and the entire experience is something which avid bird watchers and even others will enjoy and cherish. If you wish to get in touch with your spiritual side, go temple hopping in Dindi.

Dindi, an undiscovered piece of paradise is a place to head to for forgetting all the stresses and pressures of city life. The place transports one into a magical world that seems far away from the monotony of the cities. The enchanting serenity of the place ensures that your senses relax and rejuvenate, forgetting everything else. The waters of the Godavari and the backwaters of the Bay of Bengal cast a spell and compel visitors to come back again and again for more of the slice of paradise called Dindi.

Sterling is set to serenade and curate unforgettable memories for its guests. Without further delay, plan your vacation right away!