The world has changed a lot in recent times. On the one hand, technology has brought in many positive changes and impact while there is a sad downside as well. One of the things that has been left behind as the world moves forward on the wings of technology is the natural connect with nature.

When was the last time that you connected with nature?

Do you remember when was the last time you took an afternoon nap beneath the shade of a mango tree? When was the last time that you smelt the fragrance of a flower without plucking it from its stem? When was the last time you walked barefoot on the grass glistening with the lustre of dewdrops? Do you remember the taste of fruit plucked straight of a tree? Do you know the lingering aroma and flavour of fresh honey?

Honey natural

Indeed, as we get more and more evolved, somewhere along the way we lose our roots with nature unless we make constant efforts to stay connected. Sterling understands your need of connecting with nature in its most pristine form and hence curates holidays that are different especially for you.

Back to nature with Sterling

Sterling at its various resorts catalyzes experiences that take you back to nature, whether it be losing oneself in the backwaters of a place or becoming one with the mountains. Experiences of savouring ancient and unadulterated cuisine or immersively experiencing the tribal culture of a place, Sterling offers experiences that make for wonderful memories.

If you are eager to connect with nature, then some really sweet experiences await you at Sterling Ooty-Elk Hill.

The Nilgiris are the mountains on which the pretty hill station of Ooty is situated. Apart from being a great holiday getaway, the place is steeped in history and culture. Besides the botanical wonders and the picturesque lakes, the other fascinating aspect of the region is the presence of the indigenous tribe known as the Todas, who have been leading a unique pastoral life that centres around buffaloes. The Buffaloes are greatly venerated by the tribe who are primarily vegetarians. The Todas live in complete harmony with nature and do their best to ensure that the delicate ecological balance is not disturbed.


Todas- The honey hunters with a difference

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Todas is that they are honey hunters, but with a difference. They do not harm the bees at all in their quest for honey, in fact, they themselves may get stung in the process. The Todas adopt a non-violent method for bee collection as opposed to many other tribes in the region. They prefer to place a stone in the opening of the hive to prevent bears plundering the honey. When the time is right, they remove the stone and putting their face into the opening blow gently. This causes the bees to swarm out and they are able to get their hands on the honeycomb. The Todas believe that if one is pure of thought and actions then the bees will not harm them. However, they are ready to get a few bee stings in the process.

Is this not a great way to collect honey? What is important is the fact that the bees are not harmed and probably this results in the honey being sweeter! The world needs more environmentally friendly ways like this for dealing with nature. The non-violent way of honey extraction is in many ways similar to how Ahimsa Silk is made, which is a more humane approach.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the sweet nectar like the taste of nonviolent honey? Then it is time that you head over to the Sterling Ooty-Elk Hill which will not only ensure to make your holiday special and memorable but will also curate many such sweet experiences for you. Your holiday will be definitely different and you will take back memories that will linger with you just like the sweet taste of honey. And as you get back to the routine grind, one thing that is sure to bring a smile to your face is the nostalgic sweetness of the honey extracted by the Todas.